VS - Call U Sexy

March 19, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

VS is a R&B band from 2004, and contains a famous face. The band consisted of Jaime Summaz, Chinyere McKenzie, Blimi, Ryan Taylor and Marvin Humes (who is now in JLS). I always thought this band was going to do really well, and be around for a long time. They reminded me of Big Brovaz, but their album didn't perform well (getting to chart at 184), and they sub-sequently disbanded. Guess these sort of bands aren't meant to be around, we recently got a new similar band called Six D, but after one single they too split up. It's such a shame, especially since this song is still considered a good song.

"Call U Sexy" managed to be the band's second single, and their second best hit, managing to get to number 11. Apparently the song samples Imagination's Body Talk. I like the song, it's really catchy and if it were covered by a band in the future, I'm sure it'll be a hit again.

The music video has a lot going for it, I especially like the choreography in it, which could have been put together by Chinyere since she is a dance choreographer. And it looks like they had a lot of fun with it. Why did this band split up? They could have made it big. Is there a reunion on it's way? Hopefully there is, but no sign as of yet.

I like the party, as it references the music video perfectly, it's definitely the song they'd play at a party. I like the cinema drive in, I really want to go to one of them, but there isn't one near me at the moment. It's weird seeing Marvin Humes in this band, especially how popular he is now. I've reviewed his videos twice in one day, as my new release was JLS' "Proud".

Overall this band is really good and it's a shame they split-up, I think they could have become big. As for the music video, it's pretty average, but memorable nonetheless, so it's definitely worthy of this rating.