Emeli Sandé - Next To Me

March 20, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Emeli Sandé is definitely a singer to watch out for. She recently won the Brit Award for Critic Choice award, and it is definitely deserved. The previous winner was Jessie J, and I'm sure Emeli Sandé will be one of the greats pretty soon. However surprisingly she has not gained a number one single yet, she has got to number one by featuring on Professor Green's "Read All About It", but haven't got to the top spot with her own single, however gaining number two, twice, is a pretty good achievement. I think the competition at number one when she releases is just difficult to beat.

"Next To Me" was written by Emeli Sandé, Hugo Chegwin and Harry Craze. The song is so powerful, meaningful and vivid, and you can believe every word she is singing. I would like to believe that the song is about the long-term boyfriend she is currently with (who has asked to be unidentified and all we know is that he's a scientist). It's such an amazing song, and I bet there's a lot of girls out there wishing they had a boyfriend like the guy she's singing about. Although you'd have to be careful that the boyfriend wasn't too clingy...

Whenever this music video has appeared on the music channels I have always skipped over it, I really didn't want to review it as I was scared of what rating I will end up giving it. However it was requested, and so this is why I'm doing it right now. The music video is pure performance, and you all should know how I feel about these sorts of music videos, hence the reason why I skipped over this video on the music channels...

I like the use of the spotlights and the fact that you can clearly hear the drum in the music. I like the piano, it shows that Emeli Sandé can use different instruments (as most artists can). However, did they run out of video footage by any chance?

It just seems weird how towards the end of the music video, we have a completely new setting and it's still performance side of things, and although the editors have done a great job interspersing the video footage, it just seems out of place.

Overall the song is powerful and heart-wrenching, you can tell she means every word. But I'm a little disappointed with the music video, a very good narrative could be used; but instead, we have a performance, that would have been really great to watch, except for the footage at the end as it looks like it's in the wrong music video. But putting everything aside, it's interesting, and definitely something I'd watch again and again. So here's my rating, remember I'm judging the music video solely, and not the song, otherwise it would have been 5*'s.
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