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May 19, 2012 Critic Jonni 1 Comments

I haven't seen this music video on the music channels for quite some time. It was quite popular when it was released. Aylar Lie has one of the most talked about pasts ever. She used to be a pornographic actress, but has lately wanted to disperse from that life. She has frequently turned up in Basshunter videos, giving us a on-going storyline that is always amazing to tune in to. However now she's trying to make her own music, she's tried in the past, and she is trying again, but once again it didn't work out well for her. She may not have the best of voices, but her songs are pretty catchy, and she is becoming more and more well-known across Europe. She was born in Iran, but grew up from 2 years old in Norway. She commonly refers to herself as Norwegian. As for Ocean Drive... They are a French electro band consisting of Nicolas Carel and Just Uman, they are both producers. They had previously released this song across Europe using DJ Orioska as their featured artist. It was a success, in a few countries. Now they're planning on releasing in the UK, but being on "Dance Nation" record label may not be the best thing to do. I think both these artists should go on All Around The World Records, who are doing amazingly right now. I hope to hear new music from both these artists soon, as it's only a matter of time before they become big.

The music video is performance-based, using Aylar's good looks. They make her seem even more beautiful, having the backing dancers hide their faces. However I wish we would see a scene where Ocean Drive appears, I think this is something that's really lacking here.

I love the fact that they have AYLAR in height-size letters, you definitely won't forget who she is. She has recently come second in Skal Vi Danse? which is the Norway version of Strictly Come Dancing & Dancing With The Stars. If she can't get her music career going, I can see her turning up in Eurovision one year.

I really don't have a lot to say about this music video, but you probably expected me not to have much to say as not a lot is going on. However I like the fact that the song is extremely catchy, the lighting and the overall performance makes this music video better than others. I like the fact that no gimmicks are used and it's just Aylar Lie, there for everyone to see. She doesn't have the strongest voice in the world, but keep on releasing dance music videos and I'll be enjoying it more and more.
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  1. She is really great. Thanks for the info. I also wrote about other models who did the same thing (going from porn to actual modeling) here.