Nickelback - Lullaby

June 04, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Nickelback has made my blog for the second time, but they should be on here more! Tink09 will be happy as she is obsessed with them. But what has the lead singer done with his hair? I preferred it blonde and long! I saw this video a couple of months back, thought wow I love this song, so I waited to see who it was and you should've seen the face I pulled, I was totally surprised at who it was. Nickelback is comprised of 4 members who are Chad Kroeger, Ryan Peake, Mike Kroeger and Daniel Adair. They have been around for ages, but only got credibility in the UK when "How You Remind Me", and then I didn't hear from them until "Rockstar" and that was it, they will be in the UK limelight until the day they die.

"Lullaby" was written by Chad Kroeger as was expected. He has an amazing voice, that I know straight away on the radio, clearly his change of appearance made me unsure of who he was on the music channels. The song is actually about suicide, which is a common problem in the world, especially amongst teenagers/young adults. I hate how the UK, and maybe other countries, just brush it under the carpet, and pretend it's not there. I love it how people rebel and try to make people see that it is happening and that we should try and do something about it, Nickelback is clearly one of these artists, but also another artist called Pink, also tries to make things known.

This music video, is a difficult one. I hadn't actually watched it all the way through so wasn't aware of what happens in the first few scenes. And it actually gave me chills, and there was tears in my eyes. Someone could have warned me! I was sitting hear slightly listening to the Jubilee concert, and totally intent on watching this video, and then I got cold and tears started coming out my eyes. Thank God no one else were about.

This video is both a narrative and performance piece, it's the typical video you expect from Nickelback, and will definitely go amongst their classics. It's about a couple, and the woman is heavily pregnant, but after giving birth, she dies, leaving the guy to take up the responsibilities and bring up the baby by himself. He is thinking of adoption, but when his phone falls out of his pocket revealing a video of the baby's mother talking, and he shows the video to the baby, and it's the thing that makes him confident he could bring up the baby on his own.

Apparently there is a pure performance piece music video that is also shown on the UK music channels, that misses out the narrative altogether, which I feel is totally wrong, this narrative is what makes this video superb, and I cannot fault it.

Overall a great song and a great music video that brought me to tears. Nickelback has stopped promoting in the UK, and are relying on the music channels and the radio stations, but that isn't enough nowadays, and I just hope Nickelback manages to stay afloat, and start promoting in the UK, otherwise we're going to have to say bye to them.