The Saturdays - 30 Days

June 05, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The Saturdays have been circling the UK for ages now. They are a five-piece band consisting of Mollie King, Una Healy, Vanessa White, Rochelle Wiseman (now known as Rochelle Humes) and Frankie Sandford. The latter two were both members of S Club Juniors / S Club 8. They have never had a number one, of the 4 four years they have been releasing singles, they never reached the top spot. I thought this song might have had a chance, but guess not. Will they ever get that highest charting position? I think with the right song at the right time, they'll get there.

"30 Days" was written by Steve Mac (who keeps appearing on my blog) and Autumn Rowe (who wrote "Swagger Jagger" amongst other songs). This song set out as a hit, and it looked like it would get a high charting position. On mid-weeks it said it would get to number two, however the song failed to stay up there and by Sunday dropped down to number seven. The song is about counting down the days until you meet the person you really like. And this has been made into a good relatable music video.

The music video is set around speed dating in a cafe. I find it hilarious some of the faces they pull, such as Mollie when she walks in, her shocked face is so funny. I also like the way how some of the girls fend off the guys, such as Una showing her baby bump, and Rochelle showing her engagement ring.

The second half of the music video is where they all get up and start dancing, some of the weird dance moves makes me laugh out loud, but my favourite is when the guy with the brown jacket is dancing and Frankie looks at the camera and makes a weird facial expression as if saying "what is he doing?", makes me laugh every time.

But what makes this video average? Well I don't think there is enough time shown on each girl, I think we see more of Mollie and Frankie more than the other 3, Una and Rochelle look like they have the same hair colour, so they seem easy to mix up, and we don't see much of Vanessa either. But that is all I have to fault it. Obviously they cut out Una as much as possible as her baby bump was showing, and she didn't want it to be seen much.

Overall a great song, that deserved to have got higher in the UK chart. It's accompanying music video is great, but it's missing the wow spark, there's just not enough to make it amazing. Their next single "You Don't Care" is planned to be released in August, and has already received rave reviews. They plan to release it as their first single in America, and it looks like it's going to be their biggest selling single to date. (As of 2013 "You Don't Care" has been cancelled and The Saturdays released "What About Us" instead, this song may just be on their soon to be released album).