Cannibal Corpse - Make Them Suffer

24 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I got a request today, from my uni flatmates. To be honest I'm glad I had a request as I wasn't quite sure what music video to review today. So this exact song and music video was requested. The band is called Cannibal Corpse, they came up with the name by putting two words together and it just sort of clicked into place. They are a five-piece band from New York that consists of Alex Webster, Paul Mazurkiewicz, Rob Barrett, George Fisher and Pat O'Brien. They are definitely not my sort of music and before I moved to uni I hadn't even heard of them, however I doubt it'll be the last time they appear on here. "Make Them Suffer" was one of two tracks from the album "Kill" that got a music video.

This music video is both a narrative and a performance piece, which is always a good thing in my books. However if you are going to include a narrative, I feel that you should see more of the storyline rather than the performance, on the other hand I don't really revel in seeing someone suffer, it's just not something I enjoy, and I don't think a lot of others do either. So, in this case only, it is suitable to have more performance than narrative.

There's not a lot to this video, but there doesn't have to be, the narrative shows a guy suffering, and he can't get out of the room he is in. It doesn't seem much of a storyline, but the hidden aspects behind it is what intrigues me the most as you haven't got a clue where he is, how he got hurt so much and why he can't get out. The main question that comes up for me is who would do such a thing? And why?

The performance piece is your typical metal performance, there's nothing special about it, however you can feel the energy they produce just from watching this video and that is exactly what you want from the performance side of things.

Overall the video is pretty good, I like the fact that not too much is given away from the narrative leaving you to fill in the gaps, or just make up your own idea. The reason I'm knocking off a star is because it leaves you questioning and even just a shadow of someone coming into the room or the click of the door becoming unlocked would've made this video great, it just needed that extra something to capture you entirely.