Kaiser Chiefs - Everyday I love You Less And Less

25 September Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Kaiser Chiefs were the first band I ever saw live thanks to my Auntie and Uncle. I kinda had this song in my head today and decided why not review it? They are a five piece band consisting of Ricky Wilson, Andrew "Whitey" White, Simon Rix, Nick "Peanut" Baines and Nick Hodgson. They were originally called Parva and managed to release an album called "22". However they were dropped and were subsequently known as "damaged goods" and no one would touch them, so they came up with a new name which was the "Kaiser Chiefs" named after the South African football team Kaizer Chiefs F.C. They have recently released a Singles Collection which got to number 19 which is quite low compared to their previous albums. Personally I think them working with Mark Ronson was the worst possible direction they could've gone through. They used to be good, but they lost their fans with their new direction, and unfortunately failed to pick up many new fans to make the numbers up. It's going to be extremely difficult to re-capture their audience, will this be a band to disappear forever? I doubt it, they seem to have been through a lot already, and one way or another I hope they do find a way to get all their fans back.

"Everyday I Love You Less And Less" was one of a few really great songs from this band! It was written by the band (obviously) and was released on their first album as the Kaiser Chiefs. It managed to chart on the UK Chart at number 10, making it their second top ten hit the first being "Oh My God (Re-Issue)". It also managed to get to number 52 on the MegaChart in the Netherlands.

Back in 2005 I was 12 and thought this music video was great, looking back now I'm shocked I thought that, this is a good idea but it seriously hasn't worked out exactly the way it should of, clearly some bits are meant to be comical but some things just aren't.

It's both performance and narrative, and it is done intricately, but I just don't see how it pans out that well, however I would fight for those x-ray glasses, who wouldn't, right?

Overall a very catchy song that I'll never get bored of, however the accompanying music video is lacking a lot, although it does get stars for the amazing idea and the way they have managed to film it. People can see it has a realistic side to it and a comical side. It just hasn't worked perfectly.