Geri Halliwell - Look At Me

September 09, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Geri Halliwell has been a guest judge twice now for The X Factor. So I chose her for my X Factor Special, since the only other guest judge who has appeared twice is Nicole Scherzinger, who is now a full time judge. Geri Halliwell has been in the spot light for quite a long time, she's quirky and fun and you can't help but laugh at the funny things she gets up to. She was one-fifth of girl group the Spice Girls, who have reformed and then disbanded a number of times. The other band members are Emma Bunton, Mel C, Mel B and Victoria Beckham. Geri Halliwell was the first to leave the band due to differences, she later went on to a solo career, in which this is her first single. The Spice Girls went on to release one more album before disbanding. They returned for a year with a new single and a greatest hits album but then disbanded again, they came together for the Spice Girls West End show, and for the London 2012 Olympics, and rumours have started again that it's possible they will reform again... Who knows? According to Geri Halliwell, she's going to be releasing a new album and single very soon.

"Look At Me" was written by Geri Halliwell, Andy Watkins and Paul Wilson. As expected it was a self-penned track from Geri, since that is what they did in the Spice Girls and it explains the whole meaning of the song perfectly. Geri wanted to get away from Ginger Spice, and this is what the song is all about, showing who she actually is. As for the chart number, it managed to get to number 2, Boyzone was her competition and they got to number one with "You Needed Me", they got to the top by selling 700 more copies which isn't much. However this song was certified gold, whereas the Boyzone song got silver. The reason they beat her to the top was because they released 2 CD singles of "You Needed Me" so fans could buy both and ensure they get to number one. Which is a shame because in theory Geri sold more, so some could say Boyzone cheated.

The music video relates to the song perfectly. It narrative, performance and dance choreography all in one, along with a sister, a funeral, a vamp, a virgin and a "bitch". The video is jam packed, and also in black & white giving us an insight into who she is, and who she isn't.

The funeral is for Ginger Spice, and it is the only bit of the video that is shown in colour. It gives us the last goodbye to the old Geri and helps us to understand who the real Geri is. I really like the start where there is just words saying "Image is just your imagination. Reality is rarely revealed." It shows that she wants people to know who she really is, and to be honest we all know she's done that, we definitely don't call her Ginger Spice any more.

There is 4 characters of Geri Halliwell, there is "Virgin... Sister... Vamp... Bitch..." Which makes me laugh as she clearly is a mix of all of them, well parts of them. And I bet she enjoyed playing each of the parts. I like what they're wearing as well, we can identify who is who and suggests she's a mixture.

There is also a lot of choreography, which is always a good thing as it shows she can dance and it also showed what was coming up, as she appeared on The Brits and Top Of The Pops amongst other shows to promote her songs. And from what I can remember they were big dance choreography routines.

Overall a great song and it what a perfect first single, the accompanying music video relates to the song perfectly, and I haven't got a bad thing to say about the video. It's more than what we expected and it is more or less a mini film that leaves you wanting more! I hope Geri's future music videos are just as good as this.