New Release: Amelia Lily - You Bring Me Joy

September 10, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Amelia Lily came third in last year's X Factor. And she releases this song this week, which is already climbing the charts. So this song will wrap up my X Factor Special. She was a favourite on the eighth series of The X Factor and it looks like she is going to have an amazing career in the future. The series also gave us a few artists so far, these are: Little Mix (winners), Marcus Collins (second), Amelia Lily (third), Misha B (fourth), Janet Devlin (fifth), Craig Colton (sixth), Kitty Brucknell (seventh) and 2 Shoes (joint thirteenth).

"You Bring Me Joy" is an upbeat track that is extremely catchy and will definitely get to number one. You can tell Amelia Lily has really connected to the song as it is full of emotion and you just know that the song is made for her.

This music video is.... To be honest I don't think there's a word for it. I like it but it could be better. It's performance piece although you can see scenes of a possible narrative, which makes me question: was there a narrative and it got edited out? Guess it's something we are never going to know.

There's not a lot to comment on, again it's reminiscent of Cascada's "Summer Of Love" (looks like a few people are creating something similar). As their first driving in a car and then there is a beach party. Amelia acts well, and we can really feel her words, but is she singing to the camera man, or just singing out?

Overall a great catchy song that is sure to be number one this week, but a music video that could've been so much better, however they've more or less copied Cascada's video. Not only that but this video is lacking in some respect, clearly they don't feel the need to go all-out on this video. Taking everything into account, this is definitely the rating it deserves.
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