Rachel Adedeji - Follow The DJ

September 01, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Rachel Adedeji came ninth in the sixth series of The X Factor, she wasn't my favourite, in fact Stacey Solomon was my favourite, who although has a record deal, has yet to release a music video, unless you count the Iceland adverts... So my second favourite was Rachel, one of the main reasons was the announcer: Peter Dickson, said her name amazingly, and I'd always copy how he says it. She is still currently unsigned, however she has released two music videos (all her own doing, with director Drew Cox), and released a EP which features this song on iTunes under R.A.M. Recordings. It apparently charted, although I cannot find any sources to back that up. The sixth series gave us a few artists, who are: Joe McElderry (winner), Olly Murs (second), Stacey Solomon (third), Lloyd Daniels (fifth), Jedward (sixth), Jamie Archer (seventh) and Rachel Adedeji (ninth).

"Follow The DJ" was Rachel's first music video, it was released on a 4-track EP called "Club Lights" following her second music video of the lead track and title of the EP. The song was written by Starley Hope, Maria Marcus, Rachel Adedeji and Versatile. It's extremely catchy along with her second music video. Personally, if this song was promoted more, then she would have definitely charted quite high. I hope she gets picked up as she clearly deserves it!

The music video is again low budget, it's something we have to expect from X Factor Finalists. However a low budgeted music video can be amazing too. This one is well edited and once again is a pure performance piece, however what is different is that it contains a few scenes that could be considered narrative. Not only that but there is even choreography included, this is clearly the full package, and tests the boundaries of low budgeted music videos.

Rachel Adedeji performs the choreography perfectly, I like the use of slow-motion, which could easily suggest the end of a club night in which you may have drunk that little bit too much, and everything starts to slow down a bit. The paint throwing definitely reminds me of Amy Studt's "Chasing The Light". There is a few questions such as why is she wearing that weird gold head-wear thing, I don't even know what to call it!

Overall, a very catchy song that needs to be listened to a lot more, and a music video that tests how far a low budgeted music video can go, this truly is amazing at what they've managed to pull off, however not everything fits as there are some weird costumes she dresses up with, that unfortunately I can't ignore so I'm dropping one star off, but that is all.