Ruth Lorenzo - Burn

August 31, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The fifth series of The X Factor had to be one of the most competitive years ever. But I always had a favourite, and that definitely was Ruth Lorenzo. So why not use her video for my X Factor Special? She has been trying to release her music for some years now, she first got a record deal with EMI Records but soon left due to artistic differences. She has been trying to fund her own music, through the help of her fans. So far she has managed to make a video and release this song in Spain. Since then she has been trying to release her album, but there is no sign of it as of yet. The fifth series was very competitive, there was so many artists that came from this series, which proves how difficult it was. The following artists managed to get record deals: Alexandra Burke (winner), JLS (second), Eoghan Quigg (third), Diana Vickers (fourth), Ruth Lorenzo (fifth), Rachel Hylton (sixth), Daniel Evans (seventh) and Laura White (eighth).

"Burn" is Ruth Lorenzo's debut single, and it is currently over a year old, and suggests what's to come, but if this is what she could do back then, then WOW! She is bound to become a big star, if only she will start releasing and promoting in the UK. The song reminds me a lot of her performance on The X Factor, where she sung Prince's "Purple Rain", that is a performance that is stuck in my mind, and I'll never forget it (video of her performing it on The X Factor can be found below). The song got a bit of success in Spain and charted at number 16, but it was never released in the UK, it had various rumoured release dates, but it never happened! Apparently the album will be released next year, but it might be another rumour, so I guess we will just have to sit and wait in apprehension.

This music video is low budget, but all we need is Ruth Lorenzo and her incredible emotional face to be drawn into. You can definitely tell that it's a self-penned track and she sings it beautifully. It's a performance piece and it's great to watch as every note she manages to hit makes you really feel every single emotion she is feeling.

There are various scenes, some bits suggests her stage work, some scenes look like a photo shoot, and then you have her walking down a street which sounds boring, but so many people just walks down a street thinking a lot, and that is exactly what she is doing.

 Overall an amazing song that does become catchy towards the end, the accompanying music video is low budget, simple and oh-so emotional, I would've like a narrative, but I totally understand that it would've cost money they couldn't afford. However if you are going to do a performance piece video this sure cuts close to a top notch video!