Avril Lavigne - Don't Tell Me

20 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Avril Lavigne has been stuck in my head all day. The song called "Nobody's Fool" is the one going around and around in my head, so I was going to review that song, but it doesn't have a music video and therefore I had to choose a different song. After much deliberating I decided on this song as I think it has a similar meaning and I haven't reviewed it yet. She has a fifth album on the way, which is apparently complete. I cannot wait to hear new music from her.

"Don't Tell Me" was written by Avril Lavigne and Evan Taubenfeld. This is the Avril Lavigne many fans fell in love with, now she has taken a very different direction except we have grown with her and we still enjoy her music. The song is about being strong and not letting someone else control you. Avril wrote it as she wanted to impact girls and let them know that they should be strong and not let guys pressure them into doing anything. However a lot of people have taken the song and developed it as a way of being strong against other things like bullying and dangerous situations. I find it amazing how one song can mean many things to different people.

The music video is very relatable to the song. It's narrative but also a performance piece as you can really feel every word Avril is singing, also she is singing to the guy who tried to pressure her.

I like the start and how it's the morning after the night before, you could presume something has gone on but he leaves and clearly he isn't in a good mood, hence where the song kicks in and you realised she didn't let him. I like how she just walks behind him, almost gets run over by a car, and she doesn't even flinch. Then she kind of appears everywhere the guy looks making him feel guilty and her feelings are playing on his mind. She then decides she's better off without him and lets him walk away.

There's nothing bad to say about this video, except I feel something is missing, or maybe it's just too short. We don't quite know what went on last night, there are many situations that could possibly be what happened but I guess we will never know, and I think that is what is missing from this video.

However the song is very catchy and has probably helped a lot of people over the years. It's music video relates to the song perfectly and I can't knock it for that, although there's just something out of place, something that needs to be included, but what that something is, I'm not too sure.