Destiny's Child - Survivor

19 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

So last night I went out to "2.8 Hours Later Birmingham". It was extremely fun, exhausting and hilarious. My cousin Tink09 and Incubus27 both got infected by zombies, however I survived and this song was the only one I could think of. I entered the zombie disco at the end as a SURVIVOR whereas Tink09 and Incubus27 entered as ZOMBIES. I would definitely do it again. For more information check out the official site here: 2.8 Hours Later.

Destiny's Child was a big group back in the late 90s - early 00s they also reformed, but soon split up once again. At this current time they consisted of Beyoncé, Kelly Roland and Michelle Williams. All of who are very well known, and their careers are just going to get bigger and better. Will they ever reform again? It is highly unlikely, and I will be very shocked if they do, however I would've said the exact same thing when they did reform so it's a possibility, but it's doubtful.

"Survivor" was written by Beyoncé Knowles, Anthony Dent and Matthew Knowles. The inspiration for the song came from the band as 2 members left them and they got Michelle Williams in to replace them. This was big news and it made Beyoncé think about the programme Survivor, and how it seemed it related to the band. Soon enough this song came about which is really catchy and managed number one in the UK, amongst various other international charts.

This music video isn't great quality, however we have to come and expect that from songs released in the early 00s. The video has a big narrative behind it, but there are various performance scenes including a big dance choreography, it has everything I need to give it a high rating, but is it all it's cracked up to be?

I don't know about you, but I definitely think this looks like Beyoncé with 2 backing singers, it was something that we were used to seeing back then, but nowadays it's just something that doesn't work, and the other 2 girls have good voices too. I believe this idea looked good on paper, but it just doesn't grip me enough.

They become shipwrecked onto an island and they go exploring and find natives who love dancing with them, and then they see a helicopter and escape. There's no substance to this, the only good bit is the prelude, where we discover how they got shipwrecked. But at the end of the day there is so much they could've done with this, but instead they extend the scenes to make it longer.

Overall a perfect song to celebrate surviving 2.8 hours later, it's accompanying music video does link in with the song but there's not enough substance to it to make it amazing. It could be down to a number of reasons as to why, such as low budget or they cut some scenes out... These are just some ideas... Anyhow time for my rating, and I believe I've been fair.