Christina Aguilera Featuring Redman - Dirrty

October 07, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Christina Aguilera gets my Sunday revisit. This is definitely the music video everyone links with Christina Aguilera and it will be described below as to why. She has come a long way since this video and it definitely changed the perceptions people had on her. Most recently Miley Cyrus has released a similar music video that also came to controversy. She has recently came back to the music industry with an amazing new song called "Your Body" and I cannot wait to see what the future brings. Will there be a new number one soon? Or will she be like Britney Spears, always trying to get to the top spot, and having those songs that deserves to be there, but just doesn't get there. She has collaborated with Redman, real name Reginald Noble, who was a big American rapper in the late 90's, early 00's but who never released in the UK, or just didn't chart. He has been trying to return to music for a while, will he become as big as he used to be or will he just disappear with the rest of them?

"Dirrty" was written by Christina Aguilera, Rockwilder, Balewa Muhammad, Redman and Jasper Cameron. It is unsurprising that Christina Aguilera helped to write the song, and she has definitely managed to do exactly what she wanted to do. The songwriters used "Let's Get Dirty (I Can't Get In Da Club)" by Redman as a template and it definitely works.

The music video hit controversy as Christina Aguilera wanted to change her direction dramatically. From her previous videos we had seen her as cute, young, delicate and dainty. It's not how she wanted to be perceived and usually the only way to push it aside is to go the total opposite and that is exactly what she has done. In later years it has been praised, especially by Miley Cyrus, who has done something similar with the music video for "Can't Be Tamed", which sparked controversy as young girls had been watching Hannah Montana, in which she plays a cute dainty girl, and Miley believed that isn't her and so she became the opposite.

The video has a BIG choreographed dance scene, I love these, at the end of the day you can't beat Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera's dancing, they are great dancers and it shows in all their music videos (please remember these artists are actually friends and there is only rivalry thanks to the media).

Although this video is dingy grungy and DIRRTY, it's different to what we expected from Christina Aguilera, and it made all her future videos different, and I just can't dislike this video. I was young when it first came out and didn't actually watch it, as far as I remember. Although I do remember seeing clips, I think it was on Top Of The Pops, and I think my parents turned it over because of it's content.

Overall this music video has a lot going on and very little at the same time. The song is catchy and definitely worthy of that number one in the UK. It changed the future of all Christina Aguilera music videos, and I'm sure Miley Cyrus' future music videos will be different too. I've actually found this music video the most hardest to review, and I'm glad all I have to do is give it a rating. I dropped one star because I don't think there is a lot to the narrative, but that all.