New Release: Alexandra Stan - Lemonade

October 08, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Alexandra Stan hit the UK with "Mr. Saxobeat" managing to get all the way to number 3. I am definitely a big fan, not only does she look amazing but she is a great singer with very catchy songs, much like her label friend Inna. She is from Romania, who happens to be doing pretty well in the music industry so far and it can only get better for them. Her second single "Get Back (ASAP)" failed to chart as well as her first song, only managing to get to number 56. As for this song, released yesterday, there is no sign of it on the top 1000 iTunes chart. Unless there is a lot of sales within the next few days, I don't see it charting, which is definitely disappointing as this song is extremely catchy.

Written by Marcel Prodan and Andrei Nemirschi, it seems like a club hit, but it's just not being promoted, and although the music channels were playing it quite a lot before I went off to uni, it is just not enough promotion, will she just be this one hit wonder? I hope not as I don't want her to disappear, surely there is a big hit around the corner. The song has been received well across Europe, but not as well as it should.

The music video takes a different take to things, we all believed that we would have a Basshunter-like follow-through music video franchise, but guess that isn't going to happen. Although the cops do appear in this video begging to question whether there's more to this video than we first thought.

It is extremely colourful, and you can't help but enjoy watching it. Having said that they use the black and white tool, which is another little bug-bear I have, however it doesn't annoy me in this case, I think it's because it's only used in a small scene and it kind of relates to the song as well. The video manages to portray that and I like the fact that everyone is dancing and just having fun.

Overall a catchy little song that I'm going to buy tomorrow to hopefully get a few more sales for it, I hope you download it too and help it to get on the UK charts. As for the music video it relates to the song well and it's definitely a fun-filled music video filled with the sun and enjoyment the sun can bring. The only reason I'm dropping a star is because she is singing to someone in the song, and we don't have a male protagonist (really) and so it doesn't work perfectly.
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