Christina Aguilera - Your Body

October 04, 2012 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I can safely announce Christina Aguilera is BACK! Her most recent album "Bionic" failed miserably and it could have been the end for her, but thanks to The Voice and "Moves Like Jagger" a collaboration with Maroon 5, she realised she still had credibility, and she has definitely returned to music with a vengeance, and this is going to be her next big hit, especially since people can't stop talking about it.

"Your Body" was written by Savan Kotecha, Max Martin, Shellback and Tiffany Amber. This is definitely a great mix of writers and usually any song by these or even a combination of these people is bound to be a hit, they have appeared on my blog a lot. I am surprised that Christina Aguilera didn't help to write this song, she's an amazing song-writer, however she has connected to the song well, and she is an incredible singer and will do any song justice.

This music video can only be described as tongue-in-cheek, there is no other way of describing it as it is quite malevolent and malicious but in a humorous fun way. If people died in a fit full of colour there would definitely be a lot more deaths going on, and it will definitely be the wrong people murdering.

This video is very fun, different and definitely stands out. I like the narrative, it's unexpected and I love the message at the start "no men were harmed in the making of this video". Which, at first, worried me as I have never seen this video until today and so I wasn't entirely sure what was going to be shown.

Christina is shown as quite sensual, confident and self-assured. She doesn't take herself too seriously and she likes to show her body off to men and then kill them. But in a ball of pink smoke, or in bright blue paint, or in a spurt of pink glitter. Clearly she's leaving colour everywhere and it would definitely be a great way to go.

Overall the song is one of those that will eventually grown on me, as for the music video it's astounding and I definitely haven't got anything bad to say about it, I like how the deaths are subtly implied rather than showing us the brutal side of things. However I do believe it is more explicit than Britney Spears' "Criminal", but I doubt the UK will ban this video.