Infernal - I Won't Be Crying

04 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Infernal is my Sunday revisit, purely because I don't think I'll ever get another chance to review this music video, and I specifically remember liking this music video lots, but I have no clue why.

As I have previously covered in my blog post for "From Paris To Berlin", Infernal are a duo consisting of Lina Rafn and Paw Langermann. They have only had three of their singles hit the UK chart, this one being the third and last and lowest position. "I Won't Be Crying", was more or less the decider as to whether they will stay in the UK limelight or not. But since it charted at 123, Infernal disappeared from the UK, or so we thought. They are still releasing but with no promotion, only their devoted fans to spread the word, Infernal just may never reach the UK chart, let along succeed to the height of their popularity back in 2006.

This music video is one of those videos that you see a lot of. It reminds me of From Above's "Not The Same Girl" and Rudenko's "Everybody". There's bound to be a lot more that have this similar style. And the only way to switch it up is to make it your own, and I feel that Infernal has done that with a little humorous spin to things.

I like the storyline, it's really good and links with the song perfectly. I especially like how the guy thinks he is perfection, rather than it being the girl, which shows a complete role reversal. I like how they've drawn inspirations too, such as the mirrors.

I like how they have added the performance sided to things, clearly showing what the UK missed out on. This song didn't chart high enough and Infernal disappeared from the UK chart altogether. However it was definitely worthy of getting much higher in the chart, as the vocals on this track is amazing, and I'm struck in awe every time I hear this track. I hope Infernal comes into the UK limelight once again, however it's not looking promising.