Steve Appleton - City Won't Sleep

03 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Steve Appleton is a singer/songwriter. He has released 3 singles and an album. Only one of the singles managed to chart, and it was a low charting position of 67, which was for "Dirty Funk". The following singles failed to chart. I have to admit, I have no idea why, maybe people didn't like the songs? But he did do a lot of promoting, so is it really worth it? So where is he now? Well he is releasing in Japan. His first single got to number two, he is a pretty big hit over there. This song has to be my favourite, I think it's really catchy. It was his second single to be released and didn't even chart.

This music video is your general boy band-esque  video, except it's a young adult, with no other guys with him, which makes you question who was behind this guy, record label and producer wise.

There's a narrative behind it, he sees this girl he likes and goes out and watches a magic trick, she then picks him up in a car and they have fun, but then he is dropped off and it's morning, and it's just a kiss to say goodbye, clearly a "one night stand" did happen as she requested on the card.

It is just too quick, too fast and not enough is given, however I do like the guitar solos in the video and shows his musical ability.

Overall, another song that should've charted but didn't and a music video that is more suited to a boy band rather than a male singer. It's too quick and easy, but great to watch at times. I'm in two minds about this video, don't know whether to like it or not, so I'll play it safe and strike through the middle.