Scooter - 4 A.M.

16 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Scooter is a German hard dance band consisting of 3 members who are H. P. Baxxter, Rick J. Jordan and Michael Simon. I used to be a big fan, back in 2008 when they were getting a few chart successes in the UK. But just like Infernal, they have stopped charting, and although they are still releasing singles there is hardly any promotion and even though some are still being shown on the music channels, people are unaware of when the song will be released, along with being unaware that they have new music. The song features vocals from Jaye Marshall, she is the female singer in "4 A.M.", and she is a power house. She's amazing and definitely someone who's bound to hit it worldwide very soon. If she disappears I think I might have to curl up and die, as Jaye Marshall is amazing and I NEED to hear more music from her in the future.

This song came to my attention last week when I went home from uni. I was watching the music channels (as I've been missing them) and Clubland TV was counting down the most requested music videos, and this one was number one. The song samples Otto Knows' song "Million Voices". Could "4 A.M." be the song that pushes Scooter back into the UK limelight? It's already climbing up the UK iTunes top 1000 thanks to people downloading the track from the new album: Clubland 22. Clearly this song will be released soon, I just have my fingers crossed that it is released with some promotion, so that people know it's available and it does chart, as we need the full force of Scooter back.

This music video is an expected Scooter music video, however I feel the band has a more active role in this video, which is quite surprising and quite different.

The song is about clubbing and that is what we see, it looks more like a house party turned into a club. But this is also who this song is aimed at. However I wish UK DJs will pick up this song as I can see it being a big hit for the UK Clubs.

I like the story-like start and how everything links in well with the lyrics. However the lyrics is repeated over and over, so it's not lyrically great, but Jaye Marshall is vocally amazing so they cancel each other out.

Overall it's a phenomenal song that should chart well in the UK, if it's released at the right time and all the fans know it's been released. The music video is a typical Scooter video, with extra bits that are great to watch. I love how we see the sun rise suggesting they've done an all-nighter. But it gives me very little to comment on unfortunately. So here's my rating.
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