Eric Turner Vs. Avicii - Dancing In My Head

17 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Eric Turner. He is the lead singer of rock band: Street Fighting Man, and most known for the collaboration with Tinie Tempah for "Written In The Stars". So where does this guy fit in? Literally everywhere, from rock, to r&b, to dance, and he obviously fits in each genre, will he ever find his niche, or forever be this artist that will release something different each time. If it's the latter, will the public like that? I hope so as his voice is amazing.

This collaboration is with Avicii, real name Tim Bergling, but occasionally goes by the name of Tim Berg. I am a big fan of Avicii, and just hearing this song, you kind of know it's an Avicii song.

"Dancing In My Head" is a great song, and I can't stop listening to it. It has managed to chart in the UK, at number 188, but I reckon it deserved to chart higher.

I have never ever seen this music video, and I don't think many others have either, so it's quite a shock to the system to watch this, so if you're reading this before watching the video, just be on your guard for something shocking, or should I say sawing?

I like the start, reminds me so much of other people and a bit of me. However I like how he really isn't confident, but he is when it comes to taking his brain out. It still gives me the shakes thinking of that scene, seriously heaving here and I'm just typing about it.

I wasn't quite sure where this video was going, and I just couldn't help laughing with the following scene, really wasn't expecting that at all.

The ending is a typical ending, but the brain started looking cute, don't ask me why but the editing made it look cute, and then he messes it all up by talking right at the end. Seriously couldn't they have made it a happy ending, making people be more confident in going up to girls and talking to them?

Overall, an amazing song that deserved to have charted a lot higher than it did. The music video is disgusting, but it is done in complete humour and I cannot help but laugh a lot. However it's not something I'd willingly watch again, I think I might skip the certain part. I'm in two minds about the rating, but since it's fully humorous I'm going for the highest rating possible, as it clearly deserves it.
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