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20 February Critic Jonni 1 Comments

Basshunter, the next instalment. I haven't reviewed one of his music videos in ages, and since I was struggling to think up a music video, I looked through my drafts and found this one.

 Basshunter, real name Jonas Altberg, has been suffering in the UK chart, it's the only word I can link with the artist. He used to be on Hard2Beat Records (later changed to Dance Nation Records), but by the looks of things the record label has shut down, moving it's artists on to All Around The World Productions, amongst others. This new record label is known for artists such as Cascada, Eric Saade, Tulisa and N-Dubz. By the looks of things, they haven't been doing much promotion for these artists, although it's not always their fault. Hopefully they can make a turn around soon.

"I Miss You" and "Jingle Bells" were released together in the UK, so they both share the same video ("Jingle Bells" video can be found at the bottom of this blog post). So in theory they both count as Basshunter's 4th single release in the UK. "I Miss You" features vocals from Lauren Dyson. It charted at 32, with "Jingle Bells" following in number 35 on the UK chart. Not brilliant, but not too bad nonetheless.

The music video continues our story, so let's do a RECAP! "Now You're Gone" music video started off with Aylar Lie and Lucas Thorheim breaking up by text. Their friends invite them out clubbing and coincidence or not they end up in the same club, and Aylar invites Lucas for a dance. "All I Ever Wanted" they go on holiday to Spain. They have fun with water guns and dressing up. They go clubbing and Lucas starts talking to a "mate's cousin", but we don't think Aylar buys that story. "Angel In The Night" starts with the break up of Aylar and Lucas (again via text). Aylar meets Basshunter and there's a connection. They have a street race and Basshunter impresses her by winning and then singing, but what is next for this great couple? Well it seems Christmas is what's around the corner. Again texting starts this video (this is a common theme in these videos, either it's at the start or at the end). The text reads "Sorry babe, I can't make it back for xmas. Jonas xx", and then he surprises her by throwing a snowball at the video.

This is a typical Christmas, with snowball fights, and Christmas presents. We get a nice surprise with the jacuzzi and turning the Norwegian log cabin into a Christmas house party. But once again we see the guy who Basshunter raced against in "Angel In The Night" (his name is still unknown to me, if anyone knows please comment below). And this guy thinks he is still in with a chance with Aylar, but who is he kidding? Basshunter soon steps in his way, and we finally say goodbye to this guy, he never appears in another Basshunter video (yet).

Overall a song that didn't get the credibility it deserved, it should have charted higher, and Lauren Dyson should've been pushed into mainstream success. The music video is probably one of my favourite videos, bringing the spirit of Christmas along with it. However I feel it doesn't link that well with the song "I Miss You", I think it fits with "Jingle Bells" but the former should've had a different video. Although, it was released around Christmas time, and since it's a video for both singles, I kind of feel I have no choice but to give this rating.
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