Sash! Featuring Stunt - Raindrops (Encore Une Fois)

21 February Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Sash!, real name Sascha Lappessen, was a big hit in the 90's claiming top 10's in most of his singles, along with a nomination for a Brit Award for 'Best International Male' in 1998. His hits include "Encore Une Fois", "Ecuador", "Stay", "La Primavera", "Mysterious Times", "Move Mania", "Adelante" and "Just Around The Hill". So when he returned in 2008, none of the new generation (including me) knew who he was. But this song was catchy, and I had already been introduced to Basshunter, Platnum and September (all of which were on the same record label as Sash!) it was only right this song did just as well. Stunt is a dance music project consisting of producers Gary Johnson, Scott Chester, Simon Willis and Dave Valler. Molly Smitten-Downes provides the vocals to every single Stunt has released, however she is not notably known for being in the band Stunt, as she is also searching for her own solo career. Stunt's following singles which were "I'll Be There" and "Fade Like The Sun" unfortunately didn't chart, although they received quite a lot of music channel play when they were released, which begs the question: why did they not chart?

"Raindrops (Encore Une Fois)" managed to reach number nine in the UK chart. It's a mash up provided by Kindvater, according to the single information, of Sash!'s original song "Encore Une Fois" and Stunt's song "Raindrops". The two songs coincide perfectly and hence why such a high charting was received. As of yet, in the five years that have passed, none of these acts have achieved a higher charting position since, however I have faith that Stunt will return full force with an amazing new dance track, especially with an album that has yet to be released. Failing that Molly Smitten-Downes is such a great singer, she might have a chance at making it on her own.

This music video reflects everything and more. There's also narrative and performance and surprisingly, the latter features both acts. This is definitely one video that I'm not going to be able to fault.

Much like Cascada, Stunt has a front woman, and Molly Smitten-Downes takes full credit for video purposes of Stunt, therefore giving the misconception that Stunt is a solo project by Molly. This also happens to Natalie Horler, who fronts Cascada. She sings the song, and dances occasionally. Not only that but there is some good imagery when she's singing and is sitting down. When I first saw this, I thought she was sitting on the end of a pier, with the ocean's tide was out and the beach underneath. Closer inspection now reveals she's on what looks like the end of a bed frame (but could be a bench or a couch, considering the other end of it), and what I thought was sand is merely the floor, and it's just spotlights behind her. Managing to portray something else in a certain snap-shot scene is incredibly hard even for film makers, except this director of the music video pulls it off perfectly.

As for Sash!'s performance, he is seen behind the DJ deck much like Basshunter is for "Now You're Gone" and "All I Ever Wanted".

The narrative follows two people who meet in a club, and they soon get together. I like how they run up the stairs and run into a couple kissing passionately exactly what they were planning to do. Up they go again and they find a spot to get together. Next the guy pushes the fire alarm and the sprinklers rain on everyone, only no one leaves the club, instead they dance more vigorously. If only this would happen to me in a club, I can dream right?

If anyone knows who played the characters in the story of this music video, please comment below, I am intrigued to find out their names.

Overall a catchy song that is definitely worthy of that chart number. But also a music video that relates to clubbing, to raining (or raindrops in this case), and everything else. I like the inclusion of both artists, and I just can't fault this video at all.