Basshunter - Walk On Water

March 15, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Basshunter popped up on my iTunes reminding me of how far behind I am on his music videos, and I really need to start to catch up, especially since he has an album around the corner, apparently.

Basshunter, real name Jonas Altberg, is a Swedish DJ and singer, who had a few hits in his career, making him the most successful artist on the Hard2Beat/Dance Nation Records. The label has currently dropped all of their artists, and as far as I can tell it's all down to the music channel. Basshunter is now currently signed to All Around The World Records, but it seems to me he has left his fans in his old record company, and I reckon people are unaware of his new stuff. He needs to pull something out the bag quickly.

"Walk On Water" was the final single cut from his debut album in the UK 'Now You're Gone - The Album'. It was one of my favourite songs from the album along side 'Camilla'. It is known as professional boxer Nathan Cleverly's entrance song.

The music video disappointed me the first time I saw it. Basshunter is the guy who introduced us to the movie music video, his music videos follow one after the other, creating this complete storyline, and this is the song that breaks it, or is it?

RECAP: "Now You're Gone" Aylar Lie and Lucas Thorheim break up by text at the start. They go out clubbing with friends in separate groups, and end up in the same club. Aylar invites Lucas over, they get back together. "All I Ever Wanted" they go to Spain. They have fun with water guns and dressing up. While clubbing, Lucas talks to a "mate's cousin", Aylar doesn't believe him. "Angel In The Night" starts with the break up of Aylar and Lucas (again via text). A minute later she meets Basshunter. He impresses her by winning a street race, and singing at the end. "I Miss You / Jingle Bells" they go on holiday to Norway for Christmas, Basshunter says he can't go, but it's a joke and he really is there. They invite friends, open presents and have a dip in the hot tub. A house party happens, and Basshunter has to fend off a guy who makes advances towards Aylar.

Does this video fit in? Well I've kind of found a connection. Basshunter sings in "Angel In The Night" so maybe he is actually playing himself, and so maybe he is a singer, and this video is part of his tour. For all we know, Aylar could have been backstage. It fits in the story, but only slightly, but it's there. His job as a singer, in the story also explains why he might not have been able to go to Norway in "I Miss You / Jingle Bells".

This video doesn't purposely try to fit in the story. It shows his presence on stage, and we get to see what it would be like to go to one of his gigs... But the whole point of this thing is to make me want to go, and to be honest I wouldn't want to.

If he is performing like that on stage with dancers who aren't dancing all that much and he is purely singing while jumping up and down... Well I feel no vibes at all from him, and I'd rather not see it.

I imagined his tours would be like going to a club, where he is the DJ. That has always been my idea of what his tours would be like. However according to this I may be completely wrong.

Overall, an amazing song, that could have brought a lot to the whole story for the music video, maybe Aylar Lie wasn't available at that time? The video is a representation of what seeing him live would be like, however I have my fingers crossed it is not at all like that. This is definitely full of disappointments, and the only thing I really like about this is the fact that he gets a camera out and we manage to see his fans, through editing.