Paramore - Misery Business

March 03, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Paramore gets my Sunday revisit since I was surprised on Thursday when I reviewed Mandia Nantsios' "One Last Time", that this music video has yet to be reviewed. Well today I shall finally be changing that.

Paramore, back then, were a four-piece band consisting of Hayley Williams, Josh Farro, Zac Farro and Jeremy Davis. Since then Taylor York became part of the band and the Farro Brothers have left. Paramore still have a big fan base, with their most recent single "Now" managing to chart in the UK this week at number 39, making it their fifth highest charting position in the UK to date. Paramore will definitely continue to be a success.

"Misery Business" was written by Hayley Williams and Josh Farro.This is pretty obvious since, a) most bands write their own songs, I don't think I've ever come across a pop/rock band who don't write their own songs. And B) Hayley Williams performs their songs emotionally. The song is all about an ex-girlfriend to the boyfriend Hayley's going out with, and she's glad he's moved her away from her.

The music video doesn't exactly portray that. However on the other hand it does show one mean girl, who does need to be taken down a few pegs. There is also a good performance piece, which definitely portrays the energy they release on stage.

The narrative side is quite funny, and you can't help but laugh, and wish you could do those very things, and just be mean for a full day. Again the mean girl is another unknown actress, after fervent searches I came up with a few names who it isn't, which didn't help all that much. So if anyone knows, please post below and I need a source too.

The performance side is simple, but different as the background is pretty much the album cover, managing to promote the album 'Riot!' in the process of people watching the music video. Which is extremely clever in a subliminal way. There is a lot of headbanging, which also happened when I saw them live back in 2008, so it practically is a good portrayal of what they were like on tour.

Overall a great song, that needed to chart higher, although it was understandable, at that time, why it got to where it got. The music video is fun, great, and perfect. And when Hayley gets her own back, that was a comeback that was clearly needed, and I can't help congratulating them by showing that you don't need to fight to get your own back on bullies. And although the message is right up there, it fails to make a direct link with the song, however it does come close.