Sylosis - Empyreal

March 19, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Sylosis are a British metal band who followed me quite early on, making them the second artist to be a part of my Twitter Followers Special. I think they're the only artist who I'll be reviewing this week who has a 'Verified Account' twitter tick. They have released three albums, one of which 'Edge Of The Earth' charted at number 139 on the UK chart. They are a four piece band consisting of Josh Middleton, Alex Bailey, Carl Parnell and Rob Callard. This song is on the 'Edge Of The Earth' album, and this video is the only video made for the album.

The video reflects the album more than anything else, the idea of forming a more real version of the album cover, is very unique, and manages to engage the audience into watching it, to see where it will go on to.

The video is both narrative and performance based, but there is more scenes of the performance side. This is typical of most metal music videos I have watched. As they want to show what they will be like lived to try and sell tickets to their gigs.

This performance piece is powerful, you know that you'd have a good time at one of their tours, although it's not my sort of music, I can see why people would go and see them live.

The narrative side of things features a guy who looks like a caveman, walking through tunnel caves. He has a candle ruling out the whole caveman thing since candles wasn't around back then. He finds images on the wall and also becomes possessed in the last half of the video.

It's different, it's surprising and actually really works. It may not be my sort of music but I can appreciate it for what it is. The video is dark and perfect for this music.