The Dead Famous - Hide Your Halo

March 20, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The Dead Famous followed me on 15th February, after I reviewed Elliot Minor's "I Believe". One of the band members used to be in Elliot Minor. The Dead Famous consists of James Matthews (Go:Audio fame), Dan Hetherton (Elliot Minor fame), Ollie Collins and Dave Baker. They have released two singles, "Superstar" and this one.

Before today I have never listened to their music, I was waiting until I reviewed them, so that their sound was new to me, and that is exactly what they are. I can't possibly name any band out there similar to these, they are creating a new line of rock, that is so unique that it will not take too much time before they're popular. Could The Dead Famous bring back rock?

"Hide Your Halo" has been popular, and to be honest I don't blame it, as it's extremely catchy and very different to rock songs out now. So many bands are trying new things, look at Paramore's "Now". But this band is going to hit the charts soon, mark my words.

The music video is split between the main piece (the performance piece) and the backing piece (the narrative)... This is usually what gets top ratings from me.

The performance piece is always the main piece in most rock music videos, as they wish to portray what they are like are on stage, and wow, there's fire, there's energy, an amazing singer: James Matthews and amazing instrument work from Dan, Ollie and Dave. How can you not want to see these live after watching this?

The narrative is top notch too, and although I generally hate black and white media, this pulls it off as it isn't the centre piece, but in doing so, they have brought the narrative into focus. The angel theme is one that isn't taken on by many, one angel video that stands out is Alanis Morissette's "Guardian". This one has a similar theme, but the angel saves the day.

Overall, a song that I shall be buying soon as it blew me away, and a perfect accompanying music video that I can't stop watching and listening to. How can I not give this a top rating, this is fill of the very essence of a great video, and I cannot wait to see what is next for these guys. Especially since previously I wanted Elliot Minor to get back together, now I hope they don't because it means putting The Dead Famous on hold, and I DO NOT WANT THAT TO HAPPEN. Keep going guys, I am now an official fan.