Times Red - Just No Good For Me

March 24, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Times Red followed me the most recently, they were one of a few reasons why I started this special, because this is an amazing song and music video, how can I not set up a special to explore my twitter followers? They followed me on 17th March.

Times Red are a three-piece band consisting of Scott Ritchie, Staz Nair and Luke White. They first came to my attention when they were on The X Factor, how can you not remember their audition (for those of you who can't, you can find it below). They got all the way to the Judges Houses, where Louis Walsh didn't put them through. I supported them all the way and even voted to try and get them in during the wildcard vote, instead Christopher Maloney won that. Now they are going their own way, and just look at what Simon Cowell has missed out on, these are going to get big quick, and be on your guard, they will be running up the chart pretty soon.

This music video is simple, and could be considered low budget compared to other music videos, BUT it is WOW. There's is such an energy when they perform, they can sing, harmonise, play instruments, dance, act, the list is endless, is there anything these guys can't do?

Two sides of this music video, this is getting quite popular recently. A performance side, which is full of energetic vibes, that makes me looking on the internet for gig tickets, unfortunately no tour dates yet as they are recording their album, but this is one band I do not want to miss.

The narrative side is interesting, we have this woman who is obviously who the band is singing about, I like the role she plays and then she gets annoyed as he thinks she's no good for him. And the apple idea is flawlessly great.

The little choreography given works well, it shows they are a new band and don't want to push the boat out just yet. But I reckon if they get a choreographer in they'll be able to dance and surprise us even more. On the other hand, the dancing is raw, and they're all in sync too.

Overall a song that is just amazing, I cannot stop listening to it. They remind me of a cross between Maroon 5 and Theory Of A Deadman, I cannot wait for their next single and music video, and I just know I'm going to be excited when their album comes out. The accompanying music video works perfectly with the song, it relates, it makes me want to see them live, and I just have nothing bad to say about it... So I guess you know where this is going...