New Release: The Mend - Where Were You

March 25, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I would be reviewing Cascada's "Glorious" as that is this week's New Release, however it is a Eurovision 2013 song, and since I shall be doing a Eurovision 2013 Special, I have to wait until then. So instead, I chose The Mend, who are fairly known.

The Mend are a four-piece band who first came to my attention on Britain's Got Talent. For some unknown reason, before coming to type up this review, I thought they were young, about 15/16, but when they auditioned the age range was 21-22, so that does explain the song choice and the old style as well. The band members include Kris Evans, Dean Kelly, Craig Worsley and Jay Kontzie. They remind me a lot of The Overtones although there has been quite a few other bands who have tried something like this and been unable to do as well. I wish The Mend the best of luck, but I don't think they are grabbing their target audience.

This music video relates to the song, in the style and the choreography, however it fails to entertain, to grip and hold on to their audience.

They are four guys in their 20s, they should be influencing the same age group, however they are singing the sort of song that wasn't even popular 20 years ago. If you're going to do this then at least make sure you can bring this style back just like The Overtones are doing. Or spice it up and create something totally new like The Baseballs. If you're going to do it, swap it, change it, never copy.

The old style, the old microphones, the brown and white colouring, the braces, the singing, the dancing... It's a complete old video, it's like I've been transported back in time. The one thing that proves it's recent is the old people dancing, these dancers are 20 years older than the singers, it's like watching your parents dancing.

To make this better is to make something like Daniela Brooker's "Heartbreaker", make something old, new... They could've used young dancers, and maybe half way through The Mend could've stepped down from the microphones and did some dancing themselves.

Overall a song that will only interest a few people but enough to chart this Sunday, and an accompanying music video, that fails to entertain and fails to interest me at all. If they wish to continue, I hope their next song and music video is a lot better, or these are going to fail before they've even started.