Platnum - Love You Tomorrow

29 April Critic Jonni 0 Comments

So two weeks ago this song got released, I was so wrapped up in my exams that week that I never got around to blogging about this single and so it never became one of my New Releases, although I had been looking forward to reviewing it on my blog. So I am making up for it right now.

Platnum is a three piece dance band from the UK. They consist of Aaron Evers, Michelle McKenna and Mina Poli. They gained success when they were signed to Hard2Beat records, which later changed to Dance Nation records, and now they seem to have dropped all their artists. The label had well known artists such as Basshunter, September and Sash!. This group is now on All In Recordings and Platnum are leading the record label. They are one of my favourite bands, and I really thought this song would hit the UK charts, and although I saw it climb up the iTunes top 1000, it never seemed to break the top 100. With an album being released soon, I don't know what more this group can do. They need more promotion, they also need their album to chart. We could lose these guys altogether, and that will leave a black hole in UK music.

The song and the music video reminds me a bit of their first song, which got to number two on the UK chart, as well as it being a collaboration with H "Two" O. "What's It Gonna Be" was a hit, but it's gone sour since then.

This video relates to the song perfectly, with an interesting narrative, and a performance piece that is engaging, I just want to be there with them and hang out. They look fun and great to be with. They are also very relatable, and you can't knock the vocals on this track, so full of emotion!

The narrative has each member being with a person, this shows they've backed away from one another as their first single suggested, as well as that I'm so glad they each like different people unlike One Direction's "What Makes You Beautiful". Michelle seems to be getting on with Lucien Laviscount (Waterloo Road, Big Brother Contestant and various other shows), the other two people I do not know, so if anyone knows the names comment below and I'll add them.

I like the warmth, suggests summer's coming soon, still waiting for it though. I like the boat idea, and the various locations, it seems there was quite a high budget for this, unfortunately they didn't spend it on trying to get promotion, various appearances on shows could've helped, or getting it played on radio and music channels. Granted I saw it once or twice on a couple of music channels, but that was rare.

Overall an amazing song that should've charted, this group needs a strong fan base, and also needs to be back on top, they can do it! The music video is everything I want and more, I cannot knock it at all, and I can't help but watch it again and again. The one thing missing is Heart Hands, since this is a song about love. However they definitely can't look back on this and feel embarrassed by heart hands!