New Release: Misha B - Here's To Everything (Ooh La La)

April 29, 2013 Critic Jonni 2 Comments

Misha B, real name Misha Bryan, is another X Factor star (that's two in a row for my New Release and even from the same year, the eighth series). Last week was Amelia Lily's "Party Over". So can Misha B get a better charting position than number 40? Well we'll have to wait and see.

Misha B came 4th, in front was Little Mix (1st) who have done amazingly, Marcus Collins (2nd) who has done well but needs to be in the public eye again and Amelia Lily (3rd), who has been hitting the UK charts well. I think there's a real competition between Amelia Lily and Misha B. Both their albums are out soon, their singles have had similar charting positions here and there, let's hope we don't lose any of them, as theere is space for both of them. The finalists who finished behind Misha B were: Janet Devlin (5th) whose just starting up and getting exposure, Craig Colton (6th) also just starting, Kitty Brucknell (7th) who is touring, Frankie Cocozza (8th) who released an EP, Johnny Robinson (9th) released a Christmas single as well as doing a lot of presenting, The Risk (10th) released a single "Missiles", 2Shoes (Joint 14th) is signed and have a song and music video for "Turn Me On (Turn Me Out)" out there but nothing more. This seems to be one of the most active years, and I'm interested in the future of these finalists.

"Here's To Everything (Ohh La La)" was written by Misha B and Talay Riley, who is a singer himself, and is most known for singing "Make You Mine". He also has a bunch of collaborating writing credits including Chipmunk's "Oopsy Daisy" and Jessie J's "Who's Laughing Now", so surely this song should be a hit, right? Wrong. It's catchy, but needs more radio airplay, I haven't heard it at all, and it only becomes catchy after hearing it a few times over. However I do see it charting this Sunday, but I'm expecting another low charting similar to Amelia Lily's most recent single.

The music video follows the music in the way that it fails to capture me in, and there's nothing to make me want to watch it again. On the other hand I would rather watch it over other videos I have seen, the fact they've linked it in with the song lyrics as well gives the video a bit more credit.

The dancers and the choreography is a nice touch, although I did worry at the start that it wouldn't be quick enough, and that it might lose all timing. But they proved me wrong and kept to the beat of the music. The one thing missing is Misha B dancing in perfect timing with them, that would have made the video much more engaging.

The solo bits of Misha B is presented well making her centre of attention. She clearly enjoys dancing, and the few bits makes me believe she should've been given the choreography. The only other thing is that I think her music videos are all becoming similar, especially "Home Run", I hope a totally different one appears, "Do You Think Of Me" was a nice break.

Overall a song that grows on you the more you hear it, and a music video that contains elements of intriguing aspects, but fails at keeping you entertained and needs Misha B dancing with the dancers. It links in with the song, though, so it's not all bad.


  1. What matters most is not whether she dances with the other dancers, she has stage pressence in bucket loads...but the overall good quality of the song, tune and most imortant for a music review the very high quality of her vocals ;)

    1. I definitely agree, on the other hand this site reviews music videos and not the songs, and so it matters what is happening in the video not the quality of her vocals, even though she is an amazing singer :)