Agnes - Release Me

May 18, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Agnes' song has been stuck in my head all day, it's because I watch her performance of this song on the second Semi Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2013. The Swedish pop diva, who looks and sounds similar to Leona Lewis has been a global success, and this is her signature song. However she needs another hit song, otherwise she will just be known is Sweden. Her real name is Agnes Carlsson, and released her first album in 2005, since then her third album 'Dance Love Pop' charted worldwide along with the hit singles "On and On", this song "Release Me" and "I Need You Now". But can she do it all over again, and chart worldwide, or will she become lost to the UK and other countries and settle with Swedish success?

"Release Me" was written by Anders Hansson, Sharon Vaughn and Agnes Carlsson. The song is very reminiscent of Leona Lewis' songs, I could so imagine her singing it, and I can't help but think of her duet with Avicii (another well-known Sweden artist), their song was "Collide". Agnes' song got to number three on the UK chart. She is signed to 3beat records, who also has Inna and Alexandra Stan, amongst others, on their label.

The music video is taking the song in it's literal meaning, as well as using the dance music as a forefront. I can't help but laugh at that guy clung to her left side, holding onto her body, while she sings about asking him to release her. It would be good to actually see him, but usually the camera cuts him out. I bet she felt uncomfortable singing while a guy is caging her body with his.

The dance theme with the clubbing atmosphere adds a lot to this music video, showing that it is the sort of song you hear in the clubs. The pulsating lighting is much more intriguing, and makes you feel like you're there watching the dancing.

The make-up scene in the bathroom makes me lose interest. I don't think there's anything to this scene, and it feels like it got added in. If you were to do this scene, it should be at the start, because girls tend to do their make-up as soon as they enter a club. This is what Rihanna did for her video "Don't Stop The Music".

Overall a song I could imagine being played in a club, yet I haven't heard it played in any of the ones I've been into, guess it's too old... The music video shows that longevity brings high charting numbers, as the music video received high praise on the music channels, and was repetitively played four months before the release date. A similar thing happened with Inna's "Sun Is Up". The video represents the music video perfectly, and the bathroom scene is all that lets it down.