Papa Roach - Last Resort

May 19, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Papa Roach becomes my Sunday Revisit, for many reasons. The main one is because before this week I hadn't reviewed them, another is that we need more rock music on this blog, and country music and other genres that hasn't even been touched just yet.

Papa Roach is a four-piece band consisting of, at the time, Jacoby Shaddix, Jerry Horton, Tobin Esperance and Dave Buckner. The latter left in 2007 and was replaced with Tony Palermo. This is their first ever single and was released in 2000.

"Last Resort" was written by Jacoby Shaddix and Tobin Esperance. It is their signature song, hitting the UK charts at an amazing number three. I very much doubt Papa Roach will beat that charting position, especially since their most recent singles have yet to be released here.

The music video is full of surprises. It's quite small with a performance piece in the forefront. Uniquely this band has incorporated a narrative piece into the performance piece, this is something new, and have yet to be done again, usually it's vice versa.

The performance is great, with lots of energy, a lot of people there, a few crowd surfing moments and crushing effects that makes you easily identify with the people there, as well as making you feel a part of the video.

The narrative clips are short, and shows the crowd in the respective bedrooms or other rooms of people's houses. It shows them in depression, and now that they're at this gig, they aren't quite so depressed. However I think these clips are too quick, it leaves us questioning, why do they feel that way?

With that question in mind, and looking back over the video, some are obvious. One out of the four girls is totally different, therefore not in the clique and not popular. The couple in a relationship... Well the boyfriend seems very possessive... Maybe too possessive? Some aren't so clear. And I think they should have been developed a little more.

Overall a song that brought the attention of a lot of people to this band and which pushed this band into mainstream success. However lately they have failed to keep their fan base, and hard core fans are pretty much the only ones keeping tabs on these guys. They need another big hit! The music video fits in with the song well, and I can't help but enjoy this simplistic, but very real music video. My one problem is that they should've done more to the narrative. However a great music video to go with a great song.