Little Mix Featuring Missy Elliott - How Ya Doin'?

May 14, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Little Mix, a winner of The X Factor here in the UK, yet this song; probably one of their most catchiest songs, got their lowest charting position to date, what happened? Well a push release is what happened. High demand is what made it get released in the middle of the week, and as we all know, it is difficult to get a high charting position when so many singles have been bought already, especially since some of us wasn't aware of it's release until the next week (some of us includes me myself). Little Mix is a four-piece group consisting of Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock and Jade Thirlwall. They were the first, and so far only, group to win The X Factor, and they are currently working on a second album. Second was Marcus Collins, released an album and now in a musical. Amelia Lily came third, who has three singles and an album which keeps getting pushed back. Fourth is Misha B, following in the footsteps of third place, with three singles and an album to be released. Next was Janet Devlin who is just starting up. Sixth place follows suit, but has much exposure recently with his new look, and that's Craig Colton. Kitty Brucknell came seventh, she's touring at the moment with new songs. Eighth was Frankie Cocozza, who got ejected, appeared in Big Brother, and went on to release two EPs. Presenter Johnny Robinson came ninth, he also released a Christmas song. Tenth was The Risk, who released single "Missiles". And finally 2Shoes came joint fourteenth, and released "Turn Me On (Turn Me Out)". Could this be the most acts signed and released from one single series? And some critics said that series wasn't up to scratch, guess the finalists had the last laugh.

"How Ya Doin'?" was written by Darren Lewis, Iyiola Babalola, Shaznay Lewis, Perrie Edwards, Jesy Nelson, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, Jade Thirlwall, James Stanley Carter, Glenn Francis Skinner, Ben Volpeliere-Pierrot, Nicholas Bernard Thorp, Julian Godfrey Brookhouse, Miguel Drummond and Missy Elliott. This is a lot of song writers, however it is because the song samples two songs (hence why those writers have to be named in the song writing credits), the songs that have been sampled are Curiosity Killed The Cat's single "Name And Number" and The Walnauts' single "Help Is On The Way". Both of these songs have previously been sampled on De La Soul's "Ring Ring Ring (Ha Ha Hey)". The song should've been a hit, and I was expecting it to hit the top 10 at least, if not, go straight to number one. But it was pushed out in the middle of the week, and some fans (including me) were unaware until it was too late. If the record label had waited until the Sunday and announced that they were going to bring it a week or two forward, it would've got the promotion it needed.

Long paragraphs behind, let's start to focus on the music video. Another performance piece from these guys, reminding me of "Wings" as well as Belle Amie's "Girls Up". It has the bubblegum pop feel, and suggested that this should have been a hit. I am definitely blaming the record label, since airplay was strong.

The video links in with the song, adding various phones that Missy Elliott snips with a pair of scissors. The choreography is short but still noticeable.

There is Product Placement. Not as much as Avril Lavigne's "What The Hell" but still there. This time Little Mix promotes Live Colour XXL in a sponsorship deal. Hence why each of the girls have bright colour hair.

Overall a song that should've topped the charts and shouldn't have been pushed out by the record label. But it happened and there's nothing we can do about that. As for the music video it features the awesome Missy Elliott, whose credits are incredible, she's one rapper who will never disappear. It also features great dancing, phones to link in with the song, and catchy colours. This is their last single from this album, leaving me disappointed that 'Going Nowhere' co-written by Nicola Roberts (from Girls Aloud) will never get a single release.