Jenn D - Lose It

May 15, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Jenn D was reviewed by me last month. My plan was to review this song the week after and include her as my Artist of the Month. My problem arose when I had exams to revise for and to complete along with essays to hand in and 'News Days' to deal with (the latter is where trainee journalists, such as myself are journalists for a website for a day). With all this university work I had little time for my blog. But I'm ready to rectify that right now.

Jenn D is a new artist currently signed to All Around The World Productions. She used to be in a band called Soft Toy Emergency, now she is hitting it out on her own, but had struggles as she wanted her name to be Vela but had to change it due to someone else using that name. She has released a second song: "You Keep Giving Me Love", which also failed to chart. Could she disappear before she's started? Or can her fan base help her get prominence when she really needs it? I hope her third single brings the popularity she needs it.

This music video fits well with the song. I have to admit a lot is going on, and when the skater jumped over that guy sitting on the steps, I knew I was in for a treat with this video.

There is a lot to like about the video, I'm sure many people like the topless guy at the start, and clearly Jenn D enjoyed that part too, but the choreography is interesting to watch, as like in her most recent music video, she is doing little compared to the dancers behind. I like how she is centre of attention, always a good thing.

The idea of her being arrested for disrupting the peace, which is what she is doing with her loud music. And then she escapes and climbs on top of the police car, which is a complete shock, she is definitely showing her daring side.

Overall a song that is catchy but failed to chart, and a music video that is engaging to an extent, but looking at it in a different way proves that there isn't much going on, however they've made it so that there is not one thing you focus on, apart from Jenn D. There's so much going on behind her, but she's doing very little. Here's my rating.