Papa Roach - Lifeline

May 16, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

So waking up this morning with no song stuck in my head, makes this blog hard to keep up with. So I decided to add some more rock, and was surprised I have never reviewed Papa Roach before. Well it's time to change that right now...

Papa Roach is a four piece rock band who have been going for a number of years. They consist of Jacoby Shaddix, Jerry Horton, Tobin Esperance and Tony Palermo. They've been on my radar ever since their first song "Last Resort" that surprisingly got to number three on the UK chart. But I never became a fan of theirs until they released "Hollywood Whore" along with the album 'Metamorphosis'. I remember buying the album and playing it non-stop. It also invigorated me into buying their previous albums and a couple of singles such as "Time And Time Again". However they have not breached the UK top 100 since "Getting Away With Murder" got to number 45 back in 2004. However "...To Be Loved" reached number 171 in 2006 and "Hollywood Whore" reached 139 in 2008. However their albums keep breaking into the top 100 Album chart. So why are the singles not? It's down to airplay, and rock isn't that popular at the moment, but also only a few of their singles are getting released here. Once again it's all down to promotion.

"Lifeline" was written by Jacoby Shaddix, Tobin Esperance and James Michael. It was originally titled 'Hanging On' but was soon changed to what it is now due to the lyrics being changed. The song is about hardship in America, and being able to live with who you actually are. This was a well-received song and should've charted in the UK, unfortunately it failed to get the sales it needed.

The music video fits in well with the song. As per usual there is a performance and a narrative piece, this is definitely not uncommon for a rock band. The performance piece is full of energy, Jacoby Shaddix just can't help but move around. There is a lot of energy vibes coming from this band, and you definitely would have a good time if you went to one of their gigs.

The storyline is engaging, although short. I like how he kind of cracks under pressure. The kind of thing that everyone does once in a while. Bills are a common problem with people attacking their inner worries. He is pushed over the edge with an eviction notice, and you can't help but feel sorry for him. He is very relatable.

He soon is seen running from another person, who is later identified as himself, but a broken, bruised and bloody version. I like the incorporation of the lyrics as words as they say "I'm never going to fade away" then the one we are following turns round and says "I'm looking for a lifeline". They collide, and they wake up as one.

At the end he goes home and is happy when he is greeted by his family. I like the happy ending, proving that family and friends are what is most important in life and not money struggles.

I like the whole concept of this video, battling inner demons as well as making them a part of who we are as people, and realising that in some cases there is nothing more you can possibly do.

Overall a song that is now stuck in my head, I really can't stop singing along to it. It's accompanying music video is just perfect. There are no faults, and the imagery behind the concept is inspirational and pertinent to many people in the world. I have a lot of love for this music video, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. You can all probably guess my rating, but here it is anyway.