Inna - Crazy Sexy Wild / Tu Si Eu

July 29, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

This week, Britney's "Ooh La La" is not the only new release I am in love with. Inna's most recent album 'Party Never Ends' has finally got a UK release. However it looks like it will fail to chart come Sunday! It had a great start yesterday, and I even saw it hit number 197 on the iTunes UK albums chart, but it has recently dropped to number 462, and it looks like it will continue to go down as other albums are bought. This is the summer anthem of the YEAR! Get it now! You surely won't be disappointed, I love every track and can't stop playing it!

Inna, real name Elena Apostoleanu, is probably the biggest artist to ever come out of Romania. She has managed a total of one billion hits on YouTube and it's growing even more. She is the first European female singer to surpass that milestone on YouTube. She hit the UK with "Hot" at number six, three other singles managed to chart well, these were "Amazing" at 14, "Déjà Vu" at 60 and "Sun Is Up" at 15. Her first album 'Hot' hit the UK chart at 32. But since 2011 her most recent singles and albums have failed to chart, not managing to get enough sales. Promotion is the key thing, I reckon not many people know that Inna released more songs since "Sun Is Up". She needs to turn up on TV channels, she needs Radio 1 to play her songs often, she also needs her UK record label promoting her songs, they're doing an okay job, but I reckon they could market her more than what they are.

"Crazy Sexy Wild" / "Tu Si Eu" was written by Sebastian Barac, Marcel Botezan, Radu Bolfea, GoodWill & MGI, Kimberley Cole and Inna. One is sung completely in English, the other is a mix of Romanian and English. "Tu Si Eu" translates as "You And I". This is one of many amazing tracks on the album, ones you have to listen to are this one, 'We Like To Party', 'OK', "Be My Lover", "More Than Friends", 'Take It Off', 'J'adore' and 'In Your Eyes'. I had to stop myself from putting them all down, this album is that good! I'm even listening to it now, which explains why it's taking me so long to type out this review as I'm singing along to all the tracks. It looks doubtful that 3beat will release this song, or any of the singles off this album, although "More Than Friends" which features Daddy Yankee, is on Clubland 23, could it get an official single release? I surely hope so, I want remixes to all these tracks!

The music video is both a performance piece and a narrative video. I have put "Tu Si Eu" video at the bottom, it is the exact same, but has Inna singing along to the different lyrics in the performance scenes.

Yet again the male actor is unknown, I have never come across a name for any of the male actors in Inna's music videos, if someone can find a name for him, or any of her other male actors in her music videos, please comment below with source.

The storyline is good, she takes the money from the busker who she likes, and it leads to some crazy sexy wild events such as spending his well earned cash on ice creams and a motel stay. She steals an orange, some clothes, and a ride in an apple cart, which mystery unknown name guy takes a chomp on.

The bar scene is surprising, especially since there is a scene where she kisses another woman. However, Europe is much further ahead of the UK, and it's nothing unusual since Krista Siegfrids kissed a girl in her Eurovision Song Contest 2013 performance of "Marry Me".

The performance piece has many energy vibes, they're short and snappy, but her presence as well as looking sexy (as the song suggests) definitely makes me want to see her live. Apparently a UK tour is on the cards soon, and I will definitely be one of the first to buy them.

Overall a catchy song that I am hoping will get a release here in the UK as the remixes are bound to be good, but it looks pretty doubtful. And a music video I can't stop watching, it's full of everything I want and more, it's what I expected and more, it's fun, it's crazy, it's sexy and it's definitely wild! There are many amazing tracks on the album, so what are you doing continuing reading my review, you NEED to buy this album right now, you won't be disappointed.
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