New Release: Times Red - Not Listening

August 05, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Times Red is my new release this week, I am definitely a fan of theirs and they came to my attention when they followed me on twitter. That made me make a special on my blog, and made me realised where I had come across them before, which was on The X Factor, where they only made the Judges' Houses. They are a three piece band consisting of Scott Ritchie, Staz Nair and Luke White. They have previously released a single called "Just No Good For Me". This song is different but just as good. They call their fans TReds, I guess I'm one of them too.

The music video is something different, that's for sure. I have never come across another music video that is done the same way as this one has, with the camera, however, I wouldn't be surprised if there has been other videos using the same technique, I've just never come across them that's all, not yet anyway.

It is mainly performance based, with scenes where they're just chilling with mates, which could be a slight narrative, but not much of one.

There are many laughable bits, mainly coming from Luke White, who falls asleep on a bench and gets kissed by two old women (reminding me of Good Charlotte's "Girls & Boys"). Luke also slips near the water making me laugh, as well as pretending to be a photographer and throwing the photos behind him. And not forgetting the Usain Bolt pose.

But is that all the laughs people get? Well that definitely isn't it, people keep pausing the video at exactly 1:42... And I think we all know why.

I also find the camera monumentally great. I love how they throw it up in the air and catch it a few seconds later, it's like they are actually throwing you around. They definitely had fun that day, and I think a behind the scenes video is exactly what we would all like to see.

Overall a song that becomes more and more catchy the more we hear it, and a music video that looks like it should be bland and boring, but much like the song I keep watching it over and over again as it's so unique and fun, sometimes I feel like I'm flying through the air, which is so great. The one single problem I have is that the narrative should have been expanded more. But apart from that, an exceptionally great video!
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