Kids In Glass Houses - Animals

August 28, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Ever since this music video first came out, I've been dying to review it, but time passed and I kind of forgot about it. But now it is finally on my blog.

Kids In Glass Houses are a five piece band consisting of Aled Phillips, Iain Mahanty, Philip Jenkins, Joel Fisher and Andrew Shay. I saw them live in 2008 when they were a support act for Paramore. Back then I had no idea who they were, and it wasn't until after that tour they soon became well known. This song along with the follow-up singles and their album was much more heavier than I was used to from this band, and it kind of makes sense why they didn't chart very well as it is far from "Give Me What I Want" and "Undercover Lover" and "Matter At All". However their new single "Drive" sounds promising, and their new album, 'Peace', out on 30th September, sounds like it could be their best album yet. You can preorder the album, plus grab many exclusives here:

"Animals" was written by Jason Perry & Kids In Glass Houses. The song has grown on me since I first heard it, and eventually their entire album 'In Gold Blood' has become catchy, and I actually really enjoy listening to it, however I still think it isn't as good as 'Dirt' and 'Smart Casual'. The song failed to chart here in the UK, and I thought it was a sure sign of this band disappearing, but their Christmas single "Secret Santa", managed to chart at 87. So they still have a massive fan base, and I'm sure this new album will bring their best charting position, hopefully.

This music video was filmed in Birmingham, UK. I remember because they offered their fans on facebook to be in the video, I would've applied, but I went on holiday on the day of filming, but knowing my luck they wouldn't have accepted me anyway.

The video is good, I like the use of UV paint, reminding me of The Black Eyed Peas "I Gotta A Feeling". It is a little on the dark side, which is not what we were used to seeing from this band.

The performance piece has vibes and energy and the people they are performing to are clearly enjoying it.

I also like the entrance and the way they enter, as well as when they put the UV paint on.

The priest and the worshippers are a little on the weird side, I don't see the point of it, just that they are showing it, and it doesn't even link in with the song that much. It's kind of scary in it's own way, this was the direction of this album, a darker and hauntingly rock sound. And I never became a fan of their new direction, until a year and a half after it was released.

Overall a song that eventually becomes catchy, and a music video that fails to keep me entertained, there's very little to it, but all kudos goes towards the performance piece.