New Release: Lawson - Juliet

October 14, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I thought it was about time I started this thing up again. Reasons for not continuing was because I had started a job, which took up most of my time, as well as starting uni once again recently. But I am back, and I'm hoping I will be able to continue this on and on for much longer.

Lawson are a four piece pop rock band consisting of Adam Pitts, Andy Brown, Joel Peat and Ryan Fletcher. This is their sixth single to date. "When She Was Mine", "Taking Over Me", "Standing In The Dark" and "Brokenhearted" of which has hit the top 10 of the UK chart, and this single looks like it will be following in their footsteps. "Juliet" is extremely catchy and has been air-played a lot, if it doesn't chart high this Sunday I'll be extremely surprised. This band seems to be going strong. They're only going to get better and better.

The music video is performance based with a narrative to follow, with a surprised ending. But what is more of a shocker is that they nabbed Kelly Brook for the video, if the song was bad, just the appearance of Kelly Brook would make this song a hit, yet this is such a great hit nonetheless and if it doesn't chart high this Sunday, something is wrong.

I like the narrative, with Kelly Brook finding the richest guy, getting him drunk and then taking all his money, or the equivalent of. And we presume she is Juliet, who the boys are singing about, especially as she goes from one of the band members to the next in an extremely flirty manner, but with this twist ending, it completes the video perfectly.

The performance side is full of energy, they clearly love being on a stage and giving people the music they want to make. I think they would be great to see live, and are a great band to get the fans going.

Overall a great song that would've charted high no matter what the video was like. But this amazing video definitely helps the song, especially since Kelly Brook is in it too. I have no issues whatsoever with this video, and it relates with the song, what more could we possibly ask for? You can probably guess the rating if you haven't seen it already. But here it is anyhow...
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