Sam Callahan - Crazy

August 15, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Sam Callahan, Critic Jonni's first ever Artist Of The Month, way back in February, is soon going to be one of the most talked about artists at the end of this year. He is currently doing well in The X Factor this year, so we'll all be seeing him on our TV screens in the future. He previously released "Runaway Train" as his first single. Next was this single which involved him taking part in 15 crazy stunts for charity, all of which appear in this music video as he reminisces over those stunts. So while you are watching The X Factor this year, don't forget to root for him!

The 15 crazy stunts Sam Callahan was involved in were: 1) A Ghost Hunt, 2) Eat a 26" Pizza, 3) Back flip off the top divers board, 4) Wake Boarding, 5) Pole Dancing, 6) Horse Jump, 7) 160ft Bungee Jump, 8) Morris Dancing, 9) Fire Walk, 10) 100mph Zip Wire, 11) Zorbing, 12) Spartan Challenge, 13) Skinny Dip, 14) Dirt Bike Jump, and 15) Sky Dive. All crazy stunts include videos and they can be seen by clicking here, you can also still donate, he was raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust.

This video is mainly a performance piece, without all the editing, all we would have is Sam Callahan singing the song. However, that is not all that he is doing. His lyrics mean a lot to him, and each word in the song is sung with emotion, and you can really believe Sam Callahan is going to do well in the music industry.

The videos have various scenes to them. The start clip can be considered part of the narrative, as Sam and this girl in the video clip are going on a road trip, and he is clearly fantasising about her, and therefore the song relates to the video pretty well.

Overall a song that deserved to chart, but didn't, however might get a chance when The X Factor returns and his audition is shown. And an accompanying video that is good in some ways, but not so good in others. I have to give credit to the editors, they did a good job with this. But I feel that we should have seen a little more of the narrative and the videos rather than focusing entirely on Sam Callahan's performance piece.