The Other Tribe - My Girl

October 14, 2013 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The Other Tribe will become my Artist of the Month in the next few days, they have released two music videos that are really catchy and really great to watch. There are five band members who are James Hill, Miles Metric, Ollie White, Alex Oldroyd and Max Cleary. I am a bit of a fan of theirs, as you probably guessed; if it weren't for Aiden Grimshaw I doubt I would've stumbled across them. Their first single got a great reception and "Skirts" charted at number 36 on the UK Chart, unfortunately "My Girl" failed to follow suit, although it did receive much publicity from various showbiz sites. But clearly didn't strum up enough promotion for it. It just isn't as great as "Skirts", but I still love it nonetheless

The music video is full of narrative with interspersed performance pieces. It's the possibility of a perfect music video right? And guess what I can't find a fault with it, it relates to the song, it has a great storyline and is something I could watch again and again.

The performance snap shots are really just that; leaving us unclear on their vibes on performing, but what we do get out of it is their love for their music and eagerness to have fun up there. They're energetic from what we can see but does it extend to the audience? I reckon so, and I bet they would be good at a live performance, however these scenes don't really demonstrate that.

The narrative is all about a couple. The girl has some sort of magical powers making her unique. I think the song announces that she's good in bed, hence the whole nakedness in the song as well as certain scenes. The girl has a serious problem though and uses her power regularly to get what she wants. Eventually it looks like it is all going to finally topple on top of her, karma coming round?

But yet she lets her boyfriend take the fall for it. This is so unfair however could this lead on to a sequel? As she still has her powers and she is free to explore them however she wants, watch out world.

Overall an okay song, but the band has released better songs, and a music video that relates and blends well with the song and the meaning behind it, although more ties could have been added. This band needs another hit song, and an album to follow would just fill me with glee. This is a band to watch, hence why they will become my Artist of the Month.
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