New Release: Only The Young - I Do

07 August Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Critic Jonni is back! Kicking it off with this awesome New Release... Which is now on Fridays, thanks to New Music Fridays. Which has not only changed the day of the UK music chart, but has also changed my entire blog. This also means that Revisit Sundays are no longer a thing, and instead revisits are done on Thursdays. So are we ready for the weekend?

Well Only The Young are with their release. This music video is not at all a surprise, it's cheerful and generic. A typical ex-X Factor first music video, and doesn't make me interested in watching it again, although I give it kudos for relating to the song.

Only The Young are a four piece band consisting of Mikey Bromley, Parisa Tarjomani, Betsy-Blue English and Charlie George. They were on the 11th series of The X Factor, which was won by Ben Haenow with Fleur East and Andrea Faustini coming second and third respectively. Stereo Kicks came in fifth place and released one single before breaking up. Jake Quickenden has an independent release coming up soon after finishing ninth. Only The Young came seventh overall, and I hope their career continues past this debut single.

The song is so catchy, it gets stuck in my head after first listen. Yet I feel it hasn't got the spark that first interested me in this band. The big question is whether it will chart or not. I hope it does as I can see this band going a lot further than this one single, but a quick glance at the iTunes chart reveals that this single hasn't hit the top 40 yet. However there's still time. I haven't heard it on the radio either, and radio play is very important when it comes to the chart. Fingers crossed for these guys.

The music video relates to the song well. And I love the black and white photo shoot scenes, it gives the music video something new and interests the viewer. I have to admit, I don't like Charlie's hair curled, though, it doesn't suit him.

Other good parts is that two people get married in a fake wedding, and Betsy-Blue and Parisa do heart hands in the photo scenes.

Overall a good music video with a very catchy song, which I hope charts next Friday. Yet a typical first music video from an ex-X Factor group, and I hope their follow-up music video is more personal and exciting.
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