Cascada - Blink

January 05, 2015 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

Dance powerhouse group Cascada have already made a name for themselves in this genre. Not needing to do a single thing, they still continue, two singles released last year, both failing to chart, will 2015 see the return of Cascada or the end? I'm hoping for the former. They've had a number one in the UK, and they certainly can do it again.

Cascada consists of three members, Natalie Horler, Manian and Yanou. The latter two are DJ's whereas Natalie Horler is the vocalist and fronts Cascada. "Blink" was originally released by U.V.U.K. but it wasn't a success, and eventually given to Cascada. It was written by Eric Sanicola, Damon Sharpe and Shanna Crooks. Cascada's version wasn't a success either, failing to chart anywhere, yet it gained a lot of talk. Cascada also released "Madness" last year, featuring rapper Tris. This song also failed to chart. Fans are speculating that Cascada's downfall is due to their Eurovision Song Contest entry with "Glorious", where they didn't position well.  Hopefully they will impact the chart once again.

This video is a performance piece, nothing new from Cascada, and the sort of videos we have come to expect from this group.

Natalie Horler is stunning as ever and her vocals on the song is pure perfection. If this is the direction Cascada plans to go down, then I am all for it. This is definitely one of my favourite songs of last year. Making me think of uni. I certainly don't want to blink, these three years are already going so quickly. This is my university anthem.

Not an awful lot I can say about this video, and the song could have given us a much better video, yet it is performed well, and does definitely stand out.