JoJo - When Love Hurts

13 October Critic Jonni 0 Comments

JoJo, real name Joanna Levesque, is finally back, and I am more than excited. She was an icon when I was younger, and everyone was talking about her when "Leave (Get Out)" was release. After an issue with her record label, who wouldn't let her release any new music, hence the two mixtapes "Can't Take That Away From Me" and "Agápē", she got out of her contract. Now with a new record label, she has released this tringle as a sample of her new album. If this is what her tringle gives us, I am excited to see what else is to come.

I was going to review this song when it was released, however there was no music video at the time so Rachel Platten's "Fight Song" was reviewed instead. Finally this video got released, it's stunning, effortless and engaging, JoJo really stands out proving why we all loved her from the start, and proves to us how she is older, stronger, sexier and vocally much talented. She has already got people talking about her comeback, which is going to hit the charts hard globally.

Written by Ammar Malik, Benjamin Levin, Jason Evigan, Daniel Omelio and Ryn Weaver. The song talks about how love hurts and how strong that emotion is. It is a powerful song, and everyone can relate, to some degree, even if you haven't exactly been in love. The video was directed by Patrick "Embryo" Tapu.

It reminds me a lot of Inna's "Bop Bop", maybe it's because JoJo is seen as a stylish performer, and the vogue dancing and the finger tutting. She's centre stage, being confident and in sync with her dancers.

This is a perfect performance piece, showcasing not only her album, but her future singles, her gigs and the tour she'll be soon be on. Not quite relatable to the song, but it still stands out and it's more than what I was expecting from her comeback music video. Although not quite as hot as Nick Jonas' "Levels" which has a similar setting.
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