New Release: Sandi Thom - Earthquake

November 27, 2015 Critic Jonni 0 Comments

The UK hates a whiner, let's be honest, and Sandi Thom, real name Alexandria Thom, has hit the headlines with a video she posted on FaceBook about how upset she is that Radio 2 decided not to play this song. She claims the pop song has everything they needed. What's surprising is that she's chasing an old fashioned way of getting music out to the public, whereas her only number one single got to the top of the charts thanks to the internet. Radio has fought off many technological advances and is still the main game changer when it comes to chart hits. Sandi Thom may have made a 360 degrees music video, and a pop song that is worthy of radio play, but it's definitely not a stunner or extremely catchy, and the video follows suit failing to entertain and make us watch.

Sandi Thom's career is spiralling down and down, unable to gain the sales she needs. I remember buying "I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair)". An extremely catchy tune, that even when heard now, we still sing-a-long to. This is what she is missing, she needs a song that's catchy for this century. Earthquake fails because it feels like an old song, one you probably would've played ten years ago.

Annoyingly the video also seems ten years old too. Directed by Gev Miron, Ian Fisher and Sandi Thom. The latter wrote on the YouTube description that it's "shot using Go Pro cameras and the latest 360 technology the video is designed to be interactive and allows the viewer to navigate around the room using their curser or tilting their mobile device" (Sic).

So the video contains four characters all played by Sandi Thom. I'm going to name each one of them and review them that way. Number one is Confident. Moving to the right is number two Dancer. Number three I'm going to name Blondey and number four is going to be called Punk Rocker.

Right... Confident is sassy. But mainly performs the song sitting in a chair, in this roof room. She is currently pregnant, and she is glowing, you can tell. And I wish her the best for her baby, which is due in March 2016.

Dancer has her own little wooden stage to perform on. Disappointingly, she is wearing the same dress and shoes. Tied up her hair and changed jackets, not my idea of a different character, more like trying to cheat. There's no choreographed dance routine, just a lot of simple moves anyone can pull off, failing to entice the audience into watching her.

Blondey is also wearing the same dress and shoes. Instead Sandi Thom adorns a blonde wig and a cream coloured jacket. This is more flowy arms and attempt at Arabic dance moves which do not relate to the song at all, do not include dance moves that relate to a certain culture in a song that doesn't, simple. Unless you plan on doing what Inna did for "Yalla" by singing in Arabic.

Punk Rocker also dons the same dress and shoes. This time she has a purple jacket on and her hair has been dyed. This is the most passion we get from Sandi Thom. Without the tricks, without the 360 technology I would've preferred this video to be just us and Punk Rocker, because that is who she is, she's being real and emotional here, she truly is singing the song, believing every word. But the other characters knock this video right down.

Overall I have to applaud Sandi Thom for trying to make this video current, yet it totally fails. YouTube, for starters, can't handle the video that well, and therefore knocks the song from the singing characters, so either that is the fault of the person who tried to line up her lip-syncing to the audio, or it's because the video is using 360 technology. This is a definite no-no when it comes to music videos. Plus the style looks totally old school. The roof has boxes everywhere and I feel like I'm watching some poorly low budgeted 80's music video. It's just completely awful. Sandi Thom's career is spiralling right down, and there is no rope for her to catch, no ledge to grip on to, and her parachute is not working either. Can she ever come back from this. Probably not.
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