Troye Sivan - TALK ME DOWN

25 November Critic Jonni 0 Comments

You all knew this was coming, and I've been worried about reviewing it, what happens if it doesn't live up to "Wild" and "Fools"? What if I don't like the ending? It's the end of the Blue Neighbourhood videos, part 3/3, with a cliffhanger to boot, Troye Sivan do not let this be the end! Sad, depressing, upsetting and a little bit sexy, a short narrative this time that ends this little series, Troye Sivan is looking dapper, how can the other guy turn him down? Just come to me Troye Sivan, any day you want.

Troye Sivan, real name Troye Mellet, is all set to release his debut album "Blue Neighbourhood" on the 4th December 2015. And I am so ready to buy it off iTunes. His EPs and singles have charted well in the UK, Australia and the US, but will his album top the charts? I surely hope so, but he has stiff competition. Personally he has become an idol in the LGBT world, and I'd have definitely come out sooner if I had had him as someone to look up to. He's influential and a total inspiration, and I'll never stop supporting him.

This final part in his music video series is set at a funeral, it's directed by Tim Mattia.

The funeral is for the other guy's father who was a drunk in "Wild" who also beat him up, who was homophobic as well, which we saw in "Fools". With him gone you would think he would get back with Troye Sivan.

This is not the case and he is still influenced by his father's opinions and expectations, it's so sad that he lets his father still control him.

The cliffhanging ending is devastatingly tragic. I'd never wish that on anyone, although I also think Troye Sivan is a fool to still want him back, just no! Move on and leave him behind, he made his bed and he needs to deal with it. Or not. Yet love is love, and no one can help how they feel towards someone.
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