New Release: Foxes - Amazing

26 December Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I have kind of cheated with this. Like seriously, who releases a song on Christmas Day? No one, clearly. So, after a lot of searching, I've found out that a remix of Foxes' Amazing is released on Christmas Day which is a Cahill Club Mix, which can be bought here. Since I cannot find any other songs for my new release, I have chosen this music video. Foxes is probably one of the most underrated singers I know. She is getting ready to release her second studio album, and this is the third single from that album. Foxes goes on a road trip and has an amazing time with her friends in this video, showing that all you need is your best friends in your life.

Foxes, real name Louisa Allen, is one of those singers who are totally unique, usually at first listen her songs aren't instant hits, but they're always one of those songs that gain momentum because they become ever so catchy after hearing them a few times. As previously stated, she is definitely underrated. I think she's quirky in a good way, and I will always support her music because she's vocally talented and means every word she sings. This song is written by Louisa Rose Allen, Martin Brammer, Jonny Lattimer and James Newman. Personal and emotional in a perfect pop song, that should've been a hit. The video isn't as great.

Directed by Johny Mourgue, the music video shows Foxes and two of her friends going on a road trip. As per usual, the normal hassles appear, such as getting lost, the map not being any help at all, and the car breaking down, well in this case a minivan.

Foxes cuts her lusciously long hair into a bob in this video, it's a new her, a new style and new direction for her music, but it's still her, and after a while I started to like her hair, just like I started to like this song.

I love the idea behind this, and the old style clips from the home video, shows that she is having a great time and doesn't need a man beside her, even though she is doing the typical things to get over a break-up, eating both ice cream and cake is a sure winner in my books.

The ending is interesting, and also relates to where she is, many people believe she should be charting and her singles are definitely worth better chart placements than what they are getting, however the ending suggests that this album is all about releasing music for her fans, giving them something, almost like a present, to say thank you for being with her. The ending replicates that perfectly, Foxes is just having a great time at the moment, and she'll chart when she needs to, because that amazing voice isn't going to disappear.
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