New Release: KSI Featuring JME - Keep Up

01 January Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I'm kind of cheating once again, this was released on 13th November on iTunes, it was pushed forward due to the song appearing on compilation album Now 92. However on Amazon, the EP is released this week, which on iTunes is released the week after. All confusing and not released as originally planned, but just like last week, I've had difficulty finding a new release, so technically this is a new release. KSI and JME are asking if you can keep up, in this catchy song with plenty to sing to, and a good relatable video to match!

KSI, real name Olajide "JJ" Olatunji, is a YouTuber, rapper, comedian and a bunch of other things too, he's a great inspiration to prove to people that you can be whatever you want to be. He has had chart hits, and I imagine his future songs will keep appearing on the chart, as they are unique and extremely popular. In this song, he has collaborated with JME, real name Jamie Adenuga, who is also making quite the name for himself, appearing on the charts multiple times, and his most recent album hitting at number 12. This is where the music is at, and this new wave for grime music is going to hit the charts hard!

The music video was directed by Jack Delaney. It's a good start, I love the three girls, with the one saying about YouTubers and asking the repeated line "all we really want to know is can you keep up?" They're the stereotypical girls who get confused at the simplest thing, and it works so well here. I love how they appear once again to introduce JME.

The rapping from KSI and JME are on point, although I am not keen on the studio recording bit, it wavers the song and although a good idea, they should've stuck to the original recording, as the studio recording is so much quieter.

KSI is surely set to push the competition to the side, with the momentum he is going, I definitely wouldn't be surprised if he has a hit that settles in the top 10 of the UK chart soon, if he pushes himself, I know he can do it, just hearing this song alone proves it. Watch out for both KSI and JME! Can you keep up?
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