Jennifer Paige - Crush

December 15, 2015 Critic Jonni 4 Comments

As mentioned in previous posts, I kinda like someone and there's nothing I can do about it. Today I told myself that it's just a little crush and I'll get over it... Then this song just appeared in my head, and I've been singing it to myself ever since. I have no idea where this came from, I haven't even heard it for years! Such an amazing song, unfortunately this was Jennifer Paige's only hit, making her a one hit wonder, yet she's been attempting a comeback for a while now, and with that voice who can blame her. This video is so subtle it hurts to watch, but super sexy at the same time, Jennifer Paige is eyeing up a friend's boyfriend and he's doing it right back, or so it looks like, but is it all a daydream? I am not even sure myself.

Jennifer Paige... Who is she? And with this stunning voice, why didn't she become a big hit? Well this song sure did, and she charted below the top 40 in the UK with her other songs. As for recent music, she has launched a kickstarter campaign, but with only eight days to go, and only just over half way towards the goal, it doesn't seem likely she will hit her target. This is so sad to see, a brilliant hit of a song, and then the rest of her career isn't doing that well. I wish her the best of luck, as I reckon her other songs are just as good as this one, and unfortunately, this is the only one that hit hard around the world. I truly believe people can make a comeback, you just need the right song and the right backing team behind you, and sometimes all it takes is the song.

This was directed by David Hogan. The song was written by Andy Goldmark, Mark Mueller, Berny Cosgrove and Kevin Clark. It's one of those classics you can't help but love... Not many people have covered it though, surprisingly. It's one of those that you beg a contestant on The X Factor or The Voice to sing, as you know how amazing this is and it will chart once again if it was performed on one of these shows.

A perfect video was created for this song. So subtle in flirtation, and I swear this is currently happening to me, this flirting that you just can't help with another person no matter how much you try to control it and stop it. You can tell Jennifer Paige has got this guy on her mind constantly, but just like me, she will be a good girl and not pursue it. In her case it's much worse since she has a boyfriend and the guy she likes has a girlfriend, who she is mates with. A really difficult triangle, well actually it's a square. In my case it's age difference that is the problem, hence why I won't pursue him.

If anyone knows the actors' names then please comment below. All I know is that Brandan Williams plays the actor of her love interest in this music video, not her crush. He also spins her round on the swing. Such a sexy video without being sexy at all, so subtle and amazing and I love the wink at the end, it's so quick can we even be sure it's there?
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  1. Has the name of the blonde guy been discovered yet?

  2. Oh c'mon guys put me out of my misery please!! Someone must know who he is .....

  3. Okay, brunette guy is Brandon Williams.
    But who's blonde guy?
    I would really like to know it.