Jennifer Paige Featuring Nick Carter - Beautiful Lie

18 December Critic Jonni 0 Comments

I have been exploring Jennifer Paige music videos so I could decide to review one tonight, and although there was a lot of music videos to choose from, since most of her songs that have charted have all been before 2010, this one stood out, mainly because it reminds me of a High School Musical song called "Gotta Go My Own Way", as pointed out by a YouTube commenter. Nick Carter stands out both vocally and visually compared to Jennifer Paige, but their performance is atrocious as they have no chemistry whilst performing together, luckily the narrative side of the video makes the video stand out.

Jennifer Paige is attempting to kickstart her career with the help of ironically named website kickstarter, and it doesn't look like she will gain the money she is hoping to raise. Her debut single "Crush" was a massive global hit, and has been stuck in my head for the past week, still for the same reasons... I think I'm going to have to deal with this problem of mine at some point. Her vocals are stunning on "Crush", but on this single it isn't as great as I was expecting, and even with the help of Nick Carter, this single never hit it off. Nick Carter has recently been brought to my attention because he has released his third solo album which features Avril Lavigne on the track "Get Over Me" which is set to be released as his second single from this album, which I'm so excited for. For those of you who thinks his name rings a bell... Well he is best known as one fifth of the Backstreet Boys, as well as being the older brother to Aaron Carter, who sung "I Want Candy" amongst other hit songs.

Usually a video that is split into two parts, a performance and a narrative, scores highly with me, however the awkwardness in the performance piece lets the entire video down. Jennifer Paige and Nick Carter clearly don't work well together, it's like they had an argument before shooting, or they just didn't get on. This really didn't help as they aren't performing at their best and their hearts aren't into the song, let alone the music video.

As for the story line, it's perfect. Performed by Miles Ramsey and Ciara Miller, a couple robs a jewellery store, they then pawn off the jewellery and gain money in cash, which they spend on new clothes and going out partying. She ends up drugging him and leaving him in a room, whilst she goes out and attempts to rob another jewellery shop with someone else. It's an amazing music video, and relates to the song perfectly.

Half of me wishes that there wasn't a performance piece, as the narrative works well all by itself. Unfortunately there is no ignoring the dreadful attempt at passion by the two talented singers. Luckily Nick Carter redeems himself in his new song "Get Over Me" which features Avril Lavigne. I'm hopeful a video will appear soon, one much better than this one.
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